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Yay or Nay

              Hey penguins!

Now you may be wondering what this whole Yay or Nay thing is.  Well, one day when I was searching through clubpenguin websites I found an awesome site that was being run down.  So I looked through the site’s stuff and it had some wicked cool ideas.  Including this one.  So this page is in honor of Aussie 229. 

       In this game, someone starts by saying something and the person below says nay or yay to it.  Then the next penguin says something.  I will start.


5 Responses

  1. yay!


  2. sorry! My bro typed that!



  3. Yay!


  4. Yay!
    Steak(or club penguin :mrgreen: )
    Spiders(AAAAAAAAH! SO SCARY! *spots spider* *screams so SO terribly loud LOL 😆 *)

  5. Boopy! You remember me right? I am in your snowball fight 1.0 and Numa Numa music video! Iceds!


    Club Penguin

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