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Rockhopper’s Ship Looks Funny…

As you can read in the paper Rockhopper is coming to Club Penguin Island sometime in the month of May. But, his ship looks VERY funny. It looks like it is covered in different types of plants.

Rockhopper Plants

Weird enough? Probably. I wonder what free item he will be giving out?

-Tycoon 13

Clearing Things Up

              The whole Admin Contest got a little messier than I expected so here is an explanation.  Snowbossi originally won the Admin Contest but apparently was very busy at the time, or so he has told me, and couldn’t comment.  I then gave the job to Tycoon 13, who was the close runner up. 

Soooo . . . to keep everyone happy, Tycoon 13 will stay as an admin but Snowbossi will be joining the Club Penguin Legend team.  Both are great guys who deserve it and I would hate to kick out either one after raising their hopes.  So, you will be seeing them both around the site so say Hi to them.


Thanks so much Lunar! I am glad to become a part of Club Penguin Legend so thanks Lunar. I will be updating and I will have a funny picutres page out soon.
Tycoon 13

Ninja Donkey edit time! Congratulations, Tycoon. If you need anything, get in touch.

New Admin Again

           Hey everyone.

    As you all know, Snowbossi was the original winner of the Admin Contest.  BUT he didn’t confirm it in time so the runner up will become an admin here.  This guy really deserves becoming an admin, he is a cool guy with an awesome site. 

Congradulations . . .

Tycoon 13

      You deserve it, dude.  You work hard and I can trust you will keep things updated.  Comment here in the next 48 hourse to confirm.


New Better Igloo Catalog

           Hey everyone.

   The new Better Igloos Catalog is out and it sure is Medieval themed.  Check it out.


Now on the first page, click the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture.


Now on the 3rd page, click the 3rd bush on the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow.


Go to the 4th page and click the right corn stalk to get the Picket Fence.


On the 7th page, click the Electric Guitar for the Disco Ball.


      That’s all for now.  Sorry it took me so long but I was expecting Snowbossi to do it and he hasn’t confirmed yet. 


Admin Contest Winner

            Hello contestants.

   I believe I’ve kept you all waiting long enough.  As you all know, the winner will become an admin on the site and help me carry on the legend known as ClubPenguinLegend.  I would like to inform you all that to win, you must have had these traits.

  • Good grammar, correct spelling, punctuations, etc
  • An updated site
  • Some blogging experience
  • Able to update quickly
  • Trustworthy

      If I didn’t pick you, it isn’t because your not good at blogging or I don’t like you.  Maybe this penguin is better and more dependable.  But all the contestant’s have awesome sites making it real hard to choose.  But I did.

The winner is . . .


Congradulations, Snowbossi.  Please comment here within 48 hours( By Sunday) to confirm this.  I look forward to working with you.  I thank you all for entering and wish you the best with you sites.  Here are the links to the contestant’s sites.

Snowbossi’s Site

Tycoon 13’s Site

Seafoo5’s Site

            Thanks again for entering, everyone!


Newspaper Issue #187

           With the Medieval Party Extended, the Viking Opera, and a visit from Rockhopper all in this next newspaper.

Medieval Party Extended


Here ye brave knights, ferocious dragons, pretty princesses and more!  With the Medieval Party in full swing, the party has been extended until May 17 so get out there and have some fun for the last days.

Viking Opera


A play within a play, that invites all crew to be perform we are taken back in time.  With a mysterious ghost lurking about the stage, the lead singer, Helga, will not sing!  What will happen next?  Who is the Ghost?



Rockhopper is known to bring surprises to the island.  Like the Rare Flower Pot, the Puffle Party decoration and even a Ship Igloo.  The island has been buzzing with anticipation of what Rockhopper will bring this time.  There has been rumor of a Rockhopper and Bambi backround!

Current Events

May 17 — Medieval Party Ends

May — Rockhopper Comes

June 11 — Viking Opera Ends

      That’s all for now!  Sorry it took me longer than usual.  Also, last day to enter the Admin Contest.


Medieval Party/Viking Opera

               Here ye, here ye!!!  The Medieval Party is finally here and it has some exciting, fun things that it didn’t have last year.  A knight’s quest, a wizard’s castle, puffle stables and more!

Knight’s Challenge

knights needed

Time for a quest!  Click the billboard in the Town or Plaza to start your quest.

By going clicking Go There, you will be teleported to the Pool, er, it used to be a pool.

Challenge #1

challeng 1

Your first challenge is to light up the cave by stepping on the panels before the orbs.

You will see 5 orbs.  Walk on the platform to light up the orb.

  • Walk on the middle platform to light up the middle orb.
  • Waddle up the stairs and onto the platform to light that orb up.
  • Waddle to the left and wait till the gate lowers to cross to the panel.
  • Waddle across the bridge and onto the panel to light up the orb.
  • Follow the zigzaggy path and hit the panel at the end.

Challeng #2


Hence, challenge 2 requires a good snowball throwing arm because your going to need to hit 50 targets to pass through those gates.  Simply right?  You can also get the Gold Sheild from the trunk to the right.

Challeng #3

Ye has come to the final and most challenging task, to pass through the maze and find the treasure!  Near impossible with out a cheat sheet.  Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours on the maze, just look bellow.

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

Go in those directions and you’ll find the treasure in no time!  You now have the full set of Gold Armor!



Pin Maker 300o

Last year, it was the Anvil Maker 3000 but this year it makes pins!


Hover your mouse over that big pot of lava and it will pour into the mold making you the Crown Pin!


Free Wizard Hat

Go to the lighthouse, or wizard castle, to find the free Wizard’s Hat!

wizard hat

Medieval Party Catalog Coming

Head to the Market, or Gift Shop for the Medieval Catalog!

Click the scroll above catalog.

medieval catalog1

medieval catalog2

medieval catalog3

That’s all for now! Have fun at the Medieval Party!  Next order of bussniess, the new play, Haunting of the Viking Opera!  Here are is the new catalog.



There are alot of old items brought back, like the Director’s Hat.


  • Director’s Cap — 250 coins
  • Megaphone — 145 coins


  • Jeweled Viking Helmet — 550 coins
  • Pink Viking Dress — 475 coins


  • Black Viking Helmet–55o coins
  • Brown Viking Helmet–475 coins
  • Ghost Costume–600 coins
  • Flashlight–120 coins
  • Dark Detective Coat–650 coins

Now here are the cheats.

On the 2nd page, click the viking helmet on top of the G for the Blue Viking Helmet.


Clikc and exit it 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.


When you have the Blue Viking Helmet up, click the Jeweled Viking Helmet for the Gold Viking Helmet.


That’s all for now!