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My Emails to cp

To them –

How come I can’t play my tuba
   Mr Peckle

  • they replied


Thank you for your email.

Your browser may be caching an old version of the game. Try clearing your

To do this in Firefox:
1) Click on the ‘Tools’ menu
2) Select ‘Clear Private Data’
3) Ensure that only the ‘Cache’ box is selected
4) Click the ‘Clear Private Data Now’ button.

After successfully completing the steps above for the web browser that you use,
you may want to restart your computer before attempting to access Club Penguin.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to respond to
this email.


Club Penguin Support

  • Another e-mail I sent…

If you’re a member on clubpenguin and the you stop do you still get to weat the
members items and go into your members igloo?

       mr peckle

  • They replied…


Thank you for your email.

When your membership expires all items are placed in storage until your
membership is renewed. At that time you will be able to access all your items


Club Penguin Support

  • Another…

 Can the ice berg tip?

  • They said


Thank you for your email. 

Weather or not the ice burg can tip has been a popular question among all
penguins, and nobody seems too sure of what the answer is. While we have never
seen it done, that does not mean that it is impossible. For example, we used to
think that flying was impossible, but a local scientist proved us wrong by
inventing the ‘Jet Pack’ game. We have come to the conclusion that we will not
know for sure until we see it done. If nothing else, penguins are enjoying the
ice-tipping parties, and they are all making plenty of new friends. I hope this
answers your question, and I hope that someday you can help tip the ice berg!


Club Penguin Support

  • Last but not least:

Right, My clubpenguin name is mr peckle and
I just want to say that on runescape.com you
can trade items and I would like to make a
suggestion to bring in trading so if you have
an old item and somone likes it you can pay money
to get it. That is the only reason I go on runescape

  • They awnsered

Hello,Thanks for your email. That’s such a great idea! Unfortunately at the moment we do not have plans to create a feature like that. However, I will make sure to pass your suggestion along to our development team for further consideration, you just never know what might happen next in the world of Club Penguin!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Team
Club penguin are very good at replying to e-mails so please do it

just go to the clubpenguin.com and click on contact us never know

they might bring your Idea in they brand the clock tower in from an

e-mail Idea they got

           DON’T be a stranger

                                           Mr Peckle

36 Responses

  1. hi

  2. This comment has been marked spam 🙄

  3. hi hi hi! i email club penguin too! its a lot of fun!

  4. I just marked this page… AWESOME BABY!!!

  5. olp9;o0[hy0[0[y0p[[0′ gjgefrfsjrue575

  6. thats cool i sent a idea and it said sometime in the fulture

  7. What the how is this fun! you just type letters.

  8. Everyone keep writing letters

  9. Can there be a Club Penguin navy then like we get on a ship and we go out for a few days and then come back and you can get Navy stuff on the ship. Oh and can it be like a battleship???

  10. wat is the clubpenguin’s email?

  11. wicked
    I sent a email to clubpenguin about a time machine
    i cant remember the reply but it was well weird

  12. Hey Mr. Peckle,

    Ya know, I emailed Club Penguin about the same thing, because I really want the Messanger Bag.

    And I think the same person answered me! If that persons name is Rachel Nolte…..

    Any way, visit my site! 😀

  13. sooo i emailed them they neVER EMAILED BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hmmm you play runescape 🙄

  15. do you have a e-mail address i do

  16. I have E-mailed Rachel of the CP team before

  17. is there really a secret iceburg catalog?
    and how do you become a moderator?

  18. i need to tell you something i meen am asking a quesition
    Zack and Cody are twins? since when?

  19. Club Penguin Rumors:
    Ice Berg Tipping,FAKE
    Secret Catalog,FAKE
    Secret Items in Catalogs,REAL
    Ninjas,NO MORE
    Secret Door Dojo,Fake
    Rockhoppers Room,FAKE
    They are all fake Except for the Ninjas and Secret Catalog Items

  20. 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  21. can i become on the cp

  22. For the second last one, (The iceberg thingy) you know how they said it cannot tip? Well, they said u can also make friends. with me, I MAKE OVER TEN PENGUINS ON MY IGNORE LIST!!! I report them all. I dont know why, but to tell you, Deepot IS RIGHT! Oh, and also, all those videos on youtube and metacafe about tipping the ice berg are EDITS!!! Sheesh, if u believe in tipping the ice berg, Fine! Take the path (which, by the way, is hopeless) and once you get to the end- DEAD END!!! man!

  23. mr peckle um well im mewi and im kinda famous

  24. hello

  25. 🙄

  26. i wonder if you can send them a joke letter? Well i dunno if id wanta cause who knows what they will email back!-Opus4433

  27. hey i sent an email to cp about the iceburg thingy too and it was the same reply!
    and i also send cp an idea about having hair in cp, and they said they liked the iodea and will think of it!

  28. I emailed them telling them an idea =of mine for private letters.

  29. I sent too many too club penguin! I started since i started playing club penguin and i sent them 10 each day! Im 209 days old now!

  30. aawesome site!

  31. Rockhopper’s room now exists!

  32. Hey! ur mario! u commented on sirmatts blog right? yea i no cause im an admin there…

  33. lol, they answer A LOT of my emails. One time I asked them about ninjas and they gave me a HUGE HINT!

  34. i dont like emailing cp cos i have a banned 4eva pengy whos now over 1000 days old and i emailed 2 unbann him they said no 😦

  35. Deepot said that these are fake:

    Club Penguin Rumors:
    Ice Berg Tipping,FAKE
    Secret Catalog,FAKE
    Secret Items in Catalogs,REAL
    Ninjas,NO MORE
    Secret Door Dojo,Fake
    Rockhoppers Room,FAKE
    They are all fake Except for the Ninjas and Secret Catalog Items

    Now though, here’s the updated version of that:

    Club Penguin Rumors:
    Secret Catalog, REAL (NINJA CATALOG)
    Secret Items in Catalogs, REAL
    Ninjas,REAL (AWESOME!)
    Secret Door Dojo, REAL (OUTSIDE OF DOJO)
    Rockhoppers Room, REAL! (ROCKHOPPER’S KEY TO HIS ROOM)

    HA HA HA!


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