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I reccomend you click this!

Well, as a fairly new blog I decided to boost it’s popularity (hopefully) by telling you how to do stuff I do!

My favourite first… 🙄 .

To record what you do on-screen without bad quality camcorders Use hypercam 2

Just search hypercam 2 into google and download it 🙂

To take pictures of what your doing on screen –

Next to F12 on your right there will be a button saying

Print scrn Sysrq

Click on that then paste the image onto paint / word and edit it.

If you want to put it onto wordpress save it as a .jpg by going

onto windows photo editor and saving it as a .jpg any questions? leave a comment ❗

Thanks for reading 😉

36 Responses

  1. uhm… i think .png is better

  2. how do u do .png ?
    What do u use?

  3. Ok thanks!! you should come to my web site too!!


  5. hyper cam 2 ive had it for years

  6. how do u take pics

  7. to take pics if u have Windows XP press start go to run type in mspaint or MSPAINT press the button saying Print Screen SysRq and tap then go to paint press on edit and then paste then wullah
    your picture is on the screen

  8. how do you make action pics like the one in the (newb) thing and the cop picture with the cop car? its soooo cool

  9. well actually it says run

  10. im stuck i dont get it

  11. me too

  12. its easy


  14. how do you get to photo edidtor

  15. how do you get to photo editor

  16. do u need hyper cam 2 to take the picture

  17. thanks but i dont really understand

  18. HOW THE HECK DO YOU USE THE HYPERCAM TO RECORD?????????????????????????????????????

  19. hey how do u take pics post it to me at http://www.clubpingu.wordpress.com

  20. omg! you have 80,000 hits!
    ive had my blog for two weeks now and i have 1,6047 hits 🙂

  21. Your blog so needs to be updated! No offense… But thx for the great tips!

  22. this is stupid

  23. oh i no a flash word!!!!!!!!

  24. you can do it without hypercam2 though. Also by the way you can use jpg. gif. png. and a few others and i think bmp. no not bmp. but you can use the others

  25. you can use .zip

  26. i gt hyper cam 2 and 3 but no one knowz bout the no.3 xsept me but u haft to pay alot for hyper cam 3 with hypercam 3 u can block anyone from going on da internet itz kwl and u get to cyber threat but u do eventually get caught lool and u get a fine of 100 poundz no kidding i swere

  27. RE6

  28. hellllllo

  29. The new way is to clcik Prtscrn when you want the pic, and then get onto some program like Paint and then hold Crtl, and poke v whie holding it. 😉

  30. what is png?
    do u have to pay for hypercam 2?

  31. No. Hypercam is free.

  32. to take pictures press ctrl and prtscrn and go to paint press edit then paste then wullah!!
    you have your picture now
    for the png

    click save as then press png on the drop down thing!!!

    then you can upload it on wordpress

  33. cool,but how do you get rid of the white space of your picture?

  34. how 2 save as .png or .jpg?

  35. i need a hypercam 2 serial code can u copy and paste it and email it to me plz plz plz plz plz

  36. u need more cheats

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