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Hard hide and seek (new one)

Ok I had complaints about the old hard one been easy so I put that into a very easy page and made this, This is very hard so don’t get too fustrated if you can’t do it it is not impossibe just hard. Do not post awnsers as comments or I will remove them. Copywrite mr peckle designs using this without permission is Illigal if you see anyone copying it tell me for more info visit my copywrite and blah page penXZ does not have to ask permission to use it neither do Dunya13, or moneyrulz O.k. here it is have fun:


24 Responses

  1. The first one is ez you can see Mr pecles name

  2. in the cart surfing picture thing is he invisible or can you circle him?

  3. clubpenguinlegnd can I copy your ida of hide and seek?

  4. Yes just don’t copy my pictures 😀

  5. the 1st and 3rd ones are easy

  6. hai found you!!

  7. were is he!!!!! i cant see him! ! ! !

  8. i found mr peckle on te one to the thingy hes got a red bandana

  9. so easy i can see you because of the blue ring under you

  10. theyre soooooooo easy

  11. my club penguin site is getting re done for me and i cannot go on clubpenguin


  13. Want A great hiding place?
    Go to the forest and hide behind the trees on the bottom of the screen!
    You will be invisible!!! (even your name)

  14. i want some club penguin pictures

  15. The first one is very easy!!!

  16. SO EASY! You can find him anywhere

  17. Where is waddle157 in the second one?? Ive been looking for 5 minutes and I just cant find him! 😀

  18. This is easy but, can you please add me?

  19. 1 and 3 are easy

  20. oh i see waddle. wow that was difficult

  21. the one at the dock is EEEEAAAASSSSYYYYY!!!!!


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