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    Please do not copy any of my work on this site. It might not seem like much, but copying someone's work is illegal and could get your blog deleted! So please, be creative and use your own work!

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Copywrite and blah

Right quickly…

If you copy text without my permission you can be in trouble with:

The Law.


My Hampser.

If you ask permission I will Normally say yes.

You do not have to ask permission if you say at some point in the page

For more go to….    clubpenguinlegend.wordpress.com

I go to a lot of CP websites so if you do I will catch you out and report you.                                     this is mashster plz don’t report us

22 Responses

  1. mr peckle i need to see u at school
    from mash

    Mr peckles comment
    O.k. but in future don’t leave comments on

  2. UGGG, hi!

  3. this will be cool

  4. Mr pickal wat school do u go to..???

  5. If we copy we will have trouble with your hampser?lol

  6. you know chewitt..on chewitt website enz0farrari left a comment saying that chewit should go on his website…i went on enz0farrari site and found enz0farrari copied the hole thing about mineing helmets and put this on his site….tell chewitt about this

  7. ahh the law is gonna make me die

  8. hey can i use some of your matierial instarted a bog yetery and it is empty

  9. club penguin is for babys people


  11. what is a hampser?

  12. Hi Mr. Peckle I was wondering if I could copy the Beta Bester Picture and next to it put from clubpenguinlegend.wordpress.com
    can I?

  13. mr peckle plz tell us wat skool u got to igo to leen millz primary skool

  14. UR HAMSTER?!?!?!?!??!?!??!

  15. mohahaah i havent copied anything lol

  16. Umm, Hampser?Do you mean Hampster?

  17. dude its H-A-M-S-T-E-R just so ya know

  18. oh and when i make my site could i borrow the Boopy’s CP Site Banner? plz

  19. How do you even get the copyright banner?

    Chief Pilot: Cool site! (Need work though 😉 ) Anyway, if you click on it, you’ll go to the site. Or if that doesn’t work, http://www.copyscape.com

  20. lmfao, this is old. Seriously, I didnt have a clue then.

  21. Hamsers are cool. I don’t like hampsters though…..HAMSERS RULE!! LOL

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