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Boopy’s funny pics. (13)

Version 0.5

I was playing Hide and Seek. They never found me.
I found a book at the plaza… Weird…
I told CP that I was making a new movie soon and they got so excited…
It’s Mario and Luigi!
It’s kewl Santa and kewl elf!

I want equality!
The Boopy Catalog! 😀

Version 1.0

Whoa what did he eat?
I din’t know they had a super big TV at the stage!
Give spare change to the poor clown.

Funny Pictures Version 1.2


Did Santa beat the Sensei? Whoa. Lol.

50 Responses

  1. nice one but do you have any otherpics that are funny or what no offfese

  2. scratch that i didnt see the words under. he he…

  3. boopy u rok!!!

  4. whos heffty?

  5. lol

  6. Not that funny…

  7. Lol, I liked all of them!

  8. Good pics! 😀 They’re great!

  9. They are funny u should add some more! lol!

  10. The items are bit expensive lol! We penguins arent made of money!

  11. Well make your Boopey items real for buying on Club penguin!

  12. I really liked the catolog…. Boopy’s Coolness = priceless??? lol
    Add more funny picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I’m begging just to say. lol)

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  14. ha ha funny pics

  15. Heeheee niice pics [:


  17. I liked all of them but I like the equality one most

  18. Lol, did you take the pic of the clown on Friday (3/28)? That was fun, lol.

  19. Yeah lol. I added new ones because the people on Bribble gave me new ideas.

  20. Sweet.

  21. cool awesome

  22. I need mor pics!

    (I don’t care how I spelt more.)

  23. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  24. i liked the puffle one where, “it must’ve been something i ate…” LOL! good job man!

  25. i like ur video and ALL of it was good

  26. dude these pics are hilrious i like the animation one

  27. Cool! Your outfit is just like mine! I wear the snowflake/red&black striped shirt, pirate boots, santa hat (red), christmas/halloween scarf, sometimes eyepatch and the friendship bracelet. Brilliant pics.

  28. What editor for PICS do you use?

  29. xD the 1st one is funny and i like the catalog god id better find some $$$$$ :mrgreen:

  30. Kewl pictures dude dont quit! 😦

  31. 32nd

  32. Ha ha! Awesome pictures! You should make more!

  33. Boopy! Longtime no see! This is Balakin18 Xp. I didnt know you lived in the phil. I live there too. hope we can meet in REAL LIFE!

  34. Hey Boopy! I LOVE Your site and when i get my own CP Blog you are the FIRST Penguin going on my blogroll! 2nd WAS going to be Chewwit but for some reason, he stopped posting in january………
    See Ya \/\/ | |_ |_ |) |_| |) |{ 2 7 ::D:

  35. Hey can u meet me at the dock of mammoth at 9:00 pst on June the 3?
    and if that date hqas already past make it the 4th 🙂

  36. LOL! These are pretty funny! Check out mine Boopeh!!! -Scareynewt42


  37. I’ve seen a lot funnier on Snow Dobby. But yours are A-OK!

  38. i like the one when the penguin shoots at the other penguin!
    LOL!!!!!! i love funny kill penguin pics!!!

  39. lol that was funny…
    Sup Boopy on CPP! 😛

  40. i like the one when the panguin ses im so rare die dont shoot to late and sticks the tong out good jod those are so funny.

  41. u rock

  42. bye dude u still rock

  43. You have been nominated into my CP Blog Awards which will take place in December for ”Funniest Pics: Under 20 Pics”.

    Good luck and keep up the good work 😉

  44. make version 1.0.0

  45. Some of these pictures are really funny. Great job!

  46. Ok i would like to buy boopy’s silver wrist watch, boopy’s green sunglasses, and boopy’s santa hat. LOL nice pics. i loved the puffle one LOL!!!

  47. LOL! Santa…….. B-D

  48. LOL cool pics except for the animation one…sorry
    i love the boopy catalog thingy though…that one was COOL!!! B-D

    (you should make more soon!!)

  49. I miss Boopy! He was great!

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