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Club Penguin Cheats

Hey guys, Boopeh here.

Here are a few cheats I know about that I can tell you.

How to nub:
1.  Go on http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf
2. Press F11
3. Press the white space under the chatbar.

There you have it! You’ll be nubbing.

How to catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing:
1. Wait until you have 60 fish.
2. When you catch a fish, DON’T put it in the cooler, if you see other fishes pass by, you can replace them, you can put one in the cooler, and hold on to ther other one, do this until you see the fin of the Mullet at the bottom of the screen.
3. Just hold the small fish steady at the center.
4. The Big Fish will come and eat it.

There you go! You have caught the big fish!

How to jump to levels 10,20, and 30 on Astro Barrier:
1. At the start Menu, press 1 to go to Level 10, press 2 to go to level 20, and press 3 to go to level 30.

There! And now you can jump to other levels!

How to sit forward:
1. Make sure you are facing forward in Club Penguin.
2. Press the “s” button and you’ll be sitting down in the direction you were facing!

And there! You’ll be sitting in whatever direction you were facing!

How to get a Puffle without any name:
1. Choose the puffle you want.
2. When it gets to the name choosing part, press the space bar about 5-10 times.

And there! You’ll have a puffle with no name!

How to play Pizzatron in dessert mode: (More money)
1. Click on the lever at the starting menu before you play.

And you’ll be playing the game in dessert mode!

How to get 1,000 coins at Jet Pack Adventure:
1. Play the game, but don’t collect ANY of the coins, if you don’t have any coins by the end of the game, you’ll recieve 1,000 coins for being a skilled pilot.

And you’ll get 1,000 coins!

How to get the Rainbow Bracelet:
1. Go to the Book Room, or the second floor of the Coffee Shop.
2. Click the book “Rockhopper and The Stowaway”.
3. Go to very end at the book.
4. Click on the Rainbow bracelet at the end of the book, and it will ask you if you want to recieve it.

You’ll have the Rainbow/Friendship bracelet in your inventory after you do the steps above.

How to get Rockhopper’s Key:
1. Go to the Book Room, or the second floor of the Coffee Shop.
2. Click on the book “Rockhopper’s Journal”.
3. Go to the very last page of the book.
4. You’ll see the key at the very end.

And whenever Rockhopper comes, you’ll be able to go inside his Captain’s Quarters.

How to make Club Penguin low defenition:
1. Press the “+/=” button.

Everything will start to be very pixelated! The point of making it Low Defenition is if your computer is very slow, making it low defenition will make it faster.


I’ll be adding cheats everytime I find one out!

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!

46 Responses

  1. Cool Cheats! FIRST COMMENT YES! Cool! My Favorite one is getting 1,000 Coins On The Jet Pack! I did it once and I really don’t know why I CANT DO IT AGAIN!!! I try so hard but my guy keeps dieing =/. lol ok cya dude! -Scareynewt42


  2. cool i didnt know about the +/= thing thanks boopeh

  3. Hey Boopeh……
    Did you know that you can nub on normal club penguin now?
    you just have to press f11 and walah! Its like the SWF!
    Just you can log off! ITS AWESOEM!!!

  4. Hey I need a free full club penguin membership cus I got loads of coins and I need you to buy me a membership please

  5. Here is one Boopeh:

    How to walk on Pathways

    1.Go to any place.Ex: Town
    2.Start walking on the way to go to the snow forts or Dock
    3.While you walk open your Penguin Mail
    4.When you think you are done,close Penguin Mail.

    You should be on the way to the other room! Now you can talk,dance,wave,whatever.

    Matre10 😀

    Hope HTML works xD.

  6. Hey, I got a cheat!

    How to say nothing

    press the spacebar for 3 seconds then press enter, then you’ll see a speech bubble with nothing in it!

  7. how to throw snowballs very fast:

    press T and hold it then keep throwing

    you have to throw snowballs very fast!!!

  8. WWWOOOOWWWW nice cheats dude

  9. how to wave rapidly :
    keep pressing W radiply
    u will wave faster

  10. umm… boopeh, i actually tried to do the Jetpack cheat and it’s very hard to do! but thx for the cheat anyway! now i kno and i can keep trying so i can do it!

  11. :biggrin:

  12. hay did u know that cp is coming out on ds i was wandering if u can get some chets for it

  13. i NEED to KNOW do u KNOW were do u ge the ipod on cp

  14. your cheats rock im rich from the dessert pizzatron 3000 thanks keep up to awsome work

  15. hey cool cheats visit my site um blog at floriancpcheats.wordpress.com

  16. another way to say nothing is just press the speech bubble without typing anything. oh and this isn’t really a cheat but if your computer has it, in the bottom right corner there will be a magnifying glass. press the arrow and go to 400 percent. it looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! you can also make it zoom in even more but it is hard to find the screen

  17. this site is awsome how do you make a website

  18. heyy

    Chief says
    Heyy lol.

  19. hey i got one how to walk on walls!
    1.first you click the magnafine glass
    2.click custom
    3.zoom in 700
    4.click a black crack
    5your walking on walls

    from gr8t stuff p.s. hi

    Chief says

  20. alsome cheats cant wait for more ttyl 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. i already know all these, got any new ones?

  22. how to get free member.ship and 20000000
    1.go to http://www.club penguinhq.com then click money maker and it adds loads of money
    2.go to stage and click the score as much as you like then go to gift shop and it will say oops and click member badge.

    there you have it how to get 200000000 coins and membership!!!!!

  23. how to get free member.ship and 20000000
    1.go to http://www.clubpenguinhq
    .com then click money maker and it adds loads of money
    2.go to stage and click the score as much as you like then go to gift shop and it will say oops and click member badge.

    there you have it how to get 200000000 coins and members

  24. thanks allot for the cheats=)) 🙂

  25. i love this page:(:)

  26. :)hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi

  27. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):) 🙂 🙂

  28. 🙂

  29. another cheat is the snowball machine gun where u hold down t on your keyboard and keep clicking on an area.

  30. Hey i just met u at 8:50 u told me to commet cheif

  31. hey pilot i just met ya

  32. i saw u at 8:50

  33. hey guys today there was a alot going on there was the penguin play awards and a sneek peak at the april party and i am sorry for the non members please donnt be mad i am really sorry but i hope you all penguins have fun in cp

    Until Then……..Waddle on

  34. could someone please come on my blog
    im a bid fan of this website too
    no one comes on mine though

  35. that is not real!!!!

  36. Hi I love your website and I have a cheat!!
    How to make 1,000,000 $$$$$. Don’t worry it’s not the old way that dosen’t work any more. what you do is…..
    1.click on the coffe bean game.
    2.wait till the sign asks you if you want to play.
    3.don’t click anything just stay still.
    4.click Tab own five times than click on the hidden money, find the pink bow and arrow(don’t mistake it for the knife) and than press S and the Arrow will shoot.
    5.any wall you can shoot at. Than you click play (yes) and hold tab down (keep clicking) once you’ve reach 1,000,000 coins press exit (pressing tab will increase your money by thousands a second may take a minute to get up to 1,000,000.

  37. My tip that I have gave is very hard to do I forgot to say you must be a member and ye thank you

  38. Uuhhh clubpenguin wispers it doesnt work.
    you said wait till the sign asks you if you want to play And I Clicked Play.
    Did I Have TO Click Play Or No?

    Then I Hit The Tab Button five times and nothin happend.

    Send Me Your Comment Back When You Get This

  39. i got a cheat!
    if u r super good at dance contest when u r about to click on the dificulty click on the peach penguin on ur screen and it will be really hard!

  40. thx for the cheats but i know them all my bad hehe i wish i could be a member lol

  41. please get me alot off coins username joe b98715 password rooney

  42. this is awesome

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