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About Chief Pilot

Hey penguins!

I’m Chief Pilot. I really don’t know what to say about my penguin, so I’ll just wing it, or in this case, flipper it. So cheesy, I know.

About Chief Pilot


Hey guys, my name’s Chief Pilot. I made my penguin October 27, 2006. I have only been a member for the past couple of months though. My favorite games on CP are


Or anything like those games. My least favorite game is Puffle Round-up. I am a very rich penguin, and I have almost 1,000,000 coins, usually.

I have two test penguins I use for hacking, etc. You can find me on them alot. They are:
-Auto Pilot

Also, I have a second penguin I go on alot.

When I’m online, I’ll be:

Around the web:
-On AIM, feel free to add me, I’ll talk to you!
-On the site, so comment and we can meet up!

On Club Penguin:
-The Coffee shop, it’s my favorite room and I love it!
-My igloo, chillin’ with friends or decorating.
-The town, never know, I might be advertising my parties!
-The lodge, another one of my favorite rooms.

Remember, if you say “Mod” or “Chad” I’ll add you. I’ll talk to anyone though!

How you can reach me:
-I am always on AIM when I am on the computer.  (Jayd1995)

-You can come to my Xat, which I am on alot by clicking here.
-My email is cpchiefpilot@gmail.com

-Reach me by Club Penguin
-A Xat chat like Dojo Penguins or something

Any questions?
Just ask!


2 Responses

  1. Add me on AIM:

    ~Chief (Mod)

  2. Hey dude. Your email doesn’t work. I tried but it said it was disconnected.

    Chief says:
    Thanks, didn’t know that, I’ll change it. In the mean time, use cpchiefpilot@gmail.com

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