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Tips on How to Find Rockhopper

Tip 1: Rockhopper can be seen in a lot of places, but his favorites are:

-Pizza Parlor



-Ship Hold

-Pirate Ship

-Captain’s Quaters

Tip 2: Crowds can be wrong.

Have you ever seen TONS of penguin trying to get into a room but they can’t because the room is full? I have plenty of times. That happened a LOT at the Penguin Play Awards. I spent countless minutes trying to get into the Backstage, then, I get back there and no famous penguin is there. Ususally, there Rockhopper or any other famous peguin isn’t in a full room.

Tip 3: What do I do if I see him?

If you just happen to waddle into a certain room on a certain server where Rockhopper is and you see a crowd of people around someone, and that certain someone has a black beard and a special pirate’s hat.

1. Find him and click on him as FAST as you can.

2. Get the background.

3. Go and say hi 😆

Hope this helps!

-Tycoon 13

Rockhopper’s Island

Hey guys,

Chief here.  I was bored today.  So, I decided to make Rockhopper’s Island. 

Okay, the top one is the final 2.0 version that I just finished, and the bottom is the first one ever made.”


rockhoppers island

How I made this

-First, I got a copy of the Ice Burg
-Added trees and rocks from forest.
-Shells, rocks, etc from Cove & Beach
-Buoy from Lighthouse
-Treasure from My Igloo Furniture.
-Cream Soda from somewhere. : )

Many thanks to Jacob for idea!


If you want a bigger size just say.


Mini Contest

Hey guys! Boopy here!

I’m here to announce the mini contest winners and the new mini contest.

Here are the winners.

Zappa Lc
Blue Buru
Jess The Elf
Pengster 360
Sweet Amy121
Jt 010
Omen 24
Mr richy

And here is the new Mini Contest.

Where can you find this Snowman? What place? (Christmas Party 2008)

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!

Rockhopper returns + How to find Rockhopper + New sports catalog

Hey guys! Boopeh here!

I’m here to tell you about the new Sports catalog and how to Find Rockhopper.

First, the Sports catalog. Here are the new items from the new Sports catalog:

If you click on the soccer ball, you’ll get the cleats, the soccer ball also has a special dance. Just dance with the ball, you can also wear other soccer items:

Here are the other new items:

Those are all the new items for the catalog.

Here are new stuff that Rockhopper brought:

Those are all the new items. If you haven’t checked the Notice Board in Rockhopper’s quarters, he updated his to-do-list. Check it out:

And here are some tips on how to find Rockhopper:

1. Check his To-Do-List and see what he does so you know where to go everytime.
2. Check the servers with 3 or more faces on them.
3. Check the servers with your buddies online, you never know who found him.
4. Some of the people who tell other people where Rockhopper is are sometimes correct, just check out if they are correct or not, if they’re wrong, no harm done.
5. Ask some of your friends to help in and make a search party so it would be easier and faster to find him.
6. Look in all of the places in Club Penguin before going to another server.

I hope this helps you find Rockhopper and good luck! 😀

P.S. The free membership is coming really soon, just keep checking back to see if it’s here!

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!

Rockhopper’s key + Mini contest

Hey guys! I’m here to tell you about Rockhopper’s key.

Rockhopper’s key can be found in the Book Room, In Rockhopper’s Journal, at the back of the Book.

When you get the key, you may also wear it as a pin.

Here’s a picture on how the Captains Quarters looks like:

Inside the quarters, there is a new game, called Treasure Hunt. A new multiplayer game.
I couldn’t get a pic because everything was full lol. Anyways to learn about how to play the game, click the “How to play Treasure Hunt” paper int he quarters.

And, there is also another room, the Crows Nest, that can be found at the Ship, move your cursor over the arrow of the pole in the middle of the ship, a ladder will come down, then click. Here is a picture on how the crows nest looks like:

If you move your cursor over the cannon, it will fire a snowball. Pretty boring there. Lol.

Well, check it out for yourself while you can, because Rockhopper isn’t staying here forever.


Here are the mini contest winners from the last mini contest.





Ozball (2nd try)




Loveeelaine (2nd try)


Congratulations to the mini contest winners!
And thanks to everyone who participated!

Here’s another mini contest:

What party and what year did this item come from?

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!

Free Item and New Paper

Hey Sportsdude90 here to post what’s going on today

Rockhopper is back and came with a free new shirt, also he brought a new furniture item with him. Don’t forget the party is tommorrow. He Announced he will finally let us into his head quarters but you have to find it on the island on April 28

Here are the items he brought

Here is the catalog on it.

Also the Sports Catalog comes out tommorrow and it will have something to do with Baseball.

Here are the upcoming events

Boopy’s edit:
Edited on April 27, 2008.

Hey guys! I’m back from my holiday. First of all, i’d like to thank Sportsdude90 for posting this for me. 😀 But I guess I miscounted, I was supposed to come back on April 27. 😀 Anyways i’ve seen the party on CP! It looks awesome! You should see it. There are new items at the Sports Shop too. All I can post is the pin. Well, the pin is at the Ski Village, if you want to have fun, just follow the lines that go around CP. It will lead you to the Ski Village. Here is a pic of my spare penguin and the pin:

I guess he’s got the whole red theme going on. Lol.

Well, that’s all for now!
Wadlle On!

New Paper + New catalogs

Hey guys, Boopeh here.

I’m here to tell you about the newspaper and the Furniture Catalog. (I don’t wanna wait for tomorrow lol.)

First, the newspaper:

Here are the parts of the Project Review

Over the past three months penguins have rallied behind the Save The Migrator project to help Rockhopper, in January his ship crashed into an iceberg and crashed

Gary the Gadget Guy built a submarine called the Aqua Grabber and divers spent several weeks salvaging pieces of the ship

With jackhammers and a lot of effort the Migrator was reconstructed at the Beach. “It was hard work, but I made some great new friends” remarked a yellow penguin.

Though the ship is complete, the story is far from over. Rockhopper’s return is near!

According to the penguins checking the telescpe, flares set off from the Beach have caught Rockhopper’s attention. To celebrate, penguins are planning a party! It is scheduled for April 25

Wow. Rockhopper is coming back.
Here’s a pic of him when you look through the telescope.

Go Rockhopper in your litte speedboat! Lol. He’s using a speedboat but he isn’t going anywhere lol.

:O The clock is broken. If you check the Snow Forts, you’ll see that the clock is going crazy.
Lol, the things it says are really stupid, random, funny.

[New igloo stuff, i’ll post that later]

Here are the facts about CP that come in every newspaper.

Aunt Arctic

Question 1:
Dear Aunt Arctic, my friend says you make up the questions in your article. Is that true?

Answer 1:
No. Sometimes i’ll print questions i’ve answered before, because I notice alot of penguins asking it. Some questions I save for later, and some I just don’t know the answer to!

Question 2:
Dear Aunt Arctic, i’m really new to Club Penguin, and when I first joined everything was really weird! There was a giant bucket of ice and an upside down forest! What’s going on?!

Answer 2:
It sounds like you showed up during the April Fool’s party. This particular party is one of the silliest and strangest celebrations all year, with decorations that are hard to describe. Even the oldest penguins were caught off guard. Now that the party has ended, things have gotten back to normal, but catch your breath while you can! Another party is always around the corner.

Now here are the upcoming events:

Ok, that’s all for the newspaper.

Now for the furniture catalog.

Here are the new items on the Furniture Catalog:

Those are the new items, here are the secrets:

If you click on the screen of the LCD Tv, you’ll get the Big Screen.

And if you click the palm tree on the word ”Palms”, you’ll be able to buy the Palm Tree.

That’s all i’ve found, if you’ve found any others comment below.

Time for igloo catalog.
There is a new floor and a new igloo.
The backyard igloo:

New Floor:

Well that’s all for now!
Waddle On!