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Snowbossi inda House !

Hey Peepz ! It’s Snowbossi ;D , well about week ago I won the Admin Contest . But I am only a Editor , so I am really confused . However , I am here to help posting Lunar. I may make a new header and tons of new things .

Alright here is Info. About me , Snowbossi .

Name: Will/Snowbossi

Age: 14

Instant Messenger : Aim: Snowbossicp MSN: xxw_player@hotmail.de Email: Support@Snowbossi.com

Youtube: http://Youtube.com/Snowbossitv

Website: http://snowbossi.com/

Alright, thats all for now . I got to arrange the posting with Tycoon .

So Yea.

That’s all for now !

Waddle on Snow !

~Snowbossi 😉

Penguin Play Awards!

Hello penguins!

Today, the first ever Penguin Play Awards started in Club Penguin. First, remember to check out the clothing catalog in the Gift Shop to keep up with the latest trends! The front of the stage looks AWESOME! Check it out!

And, the free item is the Penguin Play Award, and that’s in the backstage of the Stage! So, who’d you vote for? Comment! Comment! Comment!

Click here please!
Sadly, I cannot post any pictures with this computer, stupid dial-up. Anyway, expect pictures by tomorrow, if not then, Tuesday. I’m sorry for the inconvienence to you guys.


Hey penguins!

Just a reminder, remember to check out Skatagirl96’s awesome site! Her hits are going down so we need another post! So remember, visit:


Also, scroll down for the St. Patrick’s Day Party!


Want to Get Sorted?

a Gryffindor!

St. Patricks Day Party!

Hello penguins!

Today the St. Patrick’s Day Party began in Club Penguin. The decorations are very fun, like every party. Sadly, another one of my rarer items, the Leprechaun hat, has returned. You can get this at the Coffee Shop.


The pin (which you can find in my sidebar) is located at the Ski Mountain.


Enjoy the party!

Rockhopper is Here!

Hello penguins!

Friday Rockhopper has landed in Club Penguin. You can now access the Captain’s Quarters, and play the new game. Today on my home server Tundra, I met Rockhopper. I got another picture, check it out.


Also, the new pin is a Puffle O, and it’s at the Iceburg.


In other news, he has brought back the free background (a bad item, in my opinion) and a wall map, and the repeated treasure chest. A secret, click on the iceburg on the map and you’ll be able to get the port-hole, another repeated item. Lol.


Also, you’ll be able to see a white puffle on the notice board!


Wow. So many repeated items, in so little time.
And, for you, a funny picture?


And if I meet Rockhopper again, I’ll take a picture.
Keep Waddlin’!


Puffle Party

Hey penguins!

The puffle party started today, and among all the lights, decorations, music and the puffles, it’s alot of fun so far. As far as I can find, there is one free item, and it’s the returning item, the black bandana, and you can get it at the Cove.


My favorite room by far is the super-cool cave, which has been tricked out into a sweet skate park!


Also, when you press the red button, the lights go down and the puffles become flaming puffles, just like when you play with them when there health is full.


Also, they’re are mysterious white puffles at the Dojo, and the Ski Hill. So, can we expect more new things coming from the Dojo?


So, enjoy the party and go puffles!

Credit to

Ninja Hint?

Hey penguins!

I found the coolest thing ever! It was there all along and I never noticed it! Club Penguin Team gave it away from September 2006, when the Lighthouse opened and you got the t-shirt! It was there the WHOLE time!

It’s a ninja hiding! Look very, very closely at the shadow behind the net, then compare it to the picture of the penguin Jedi Ryan.


It might be hard to find at first, but keep looking. Also, if you look in that little bottle, you’ll see a snow cat, which were in the game Penguin Chat 3, which my brother (now 16) played. It’s just a little note from the CP team, but wait.


I have a theory. The shadow of the ninja has been there since the lighthouse opened. And if you check the old records of the archives on http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog you’ll see a bunch of people asking….

When will the Ninja come?


Also, there has been responses to that.  Like……

The ninjas will come after release

Hopefully you’ve noticed that that has been asked three years ago. The betas never got what they wanted, so, to make it up to the betas, they made ninjas now. And THAT is why so many rare people are now re-joining Club Penguin. Like my buddy, Poisenmman101 was on today, so was Vital Viper.


So, in theory, if they brought the ninja back, what about some type of vehicle, like maybe a boat, or car….or a race track where the Ice Rink is! Like it? Send your ideas to CP!