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New Clothing Catalog & Pin!

Sorry for not updating recently, I got a trojan so I was playing on my Xbox instead 😆

So here’s the pin. It’s pretty much just a safari hat:

5 June Pin









Clothing Catalog June ’09

Click the rock on the left of this page to get the canteen:

June 5 Cheat 1











Also, you can click on a thingy on the wall on this page to get the crystal staff:

June 5 Cheat 2











Pictures will be added for these later.

  • On the page with the knight and joker, click on the dragon’s shadow on the staircase to the left.
  • On the next page, click on the left coffee mug for the graduation hat.
  • Last but not least, on the clearence page with the girl penguin in the black dress, click where the two light beams join on the right hand side.

16 Responses

  1. Hey Mr Peckle. I don’t want to insult your opinion or anything and, I mean this in the most respectful way possible, that it really doesn’t seem fair to change your mind after all this time. I mean, I am happy your back, but you didn’t have to demote all us to contributors. You basically just fired us, since you haven’t approved any posts. And I am insulted by you saying I was going to let the site become just an advirtisement.

  2. woooww
    donkkeyy u still postt?

  3. Finnaly dude,lol.

    Did you know that Jackeh (If you remember him) is a Nacho? lolz


  4. Mr Peckle, please change the settings so it isn’t Lunar’s ClubPenguinLegend anymore since it isn’t. Also, I wish for you to take me off the site as a contributor unless you make me an author since you haven’t let me do any posts. Thank you and good luck with ClubPenguinLegend.

  5. Mr Peckle. Take me off the site.

  6. Mr Peckle, I’m serious. Take me off as a contributor. I am quitting clubpenguin. Please delete the comments above.

  7. Hey does Boopy still play? * I’m an old Cp friend of his *

  8. You are behind on everything. I would have things updated by now. Face it, you don’t have time for clubpenguin anymore. Take me off the site.

  9. Mr Peckle, it’s obvoius you dno’t have time of the site site. Also, take me off the site!

  10. I can’t belive this! You have 34 commets pending! You are about 2 weeks bhind on everything and you kicked us out! What isthe point of having a Club Pengun blog, when you don’t even update it! If you go and check the blog sometime this YEAR, please take me off.

  11. Your a jerk, Donkey. You took the site from me and Tycoon, even though it was doing fine, then don’t even bother to update it. Just face it, you don’t have time for clubpenguin. Take me off the site.

  12. Oh Donkey, so I guess no new admin!!

    Wow, who knew this site would become!!

    . . .

  13. hey

  14. this is so bad pay me money for wasting my time looking at this website and for your information the crystal stuff is not hiden dah

  15. Mr. Peckle. I apologize for the horribly rude things that I said. I realize I was out of line, and it was merely because I was angry at you. If you happen to read this, and wonder why I am apologizing, I want to end the bad blood that had been running between us for too long. Let us let bygones be bygones.

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