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Hey, it’s Donkey. My Club Penguin name is Mr Peckle. If I have to say it again, I own this site.

I have decided to run it again. I don’t want it to start becoming what it was. One of those websites where people are hired and they then advertise other websites. Lunar, you were doing an alright job but I’d like to take charge now as I think I can make things better.

I will be commencing several changes from now, and start playing Club Penguin again briefly to post here.

Also, just thought I’d point out: I’m 1005 days old on Club Penguin! 😀


1005 days old
Stay tuned.
Mr Peckle

16 Responses

  1. Ok. We are contributers now. Good luck with the site.

    -Tycoon 13

  2. […] See the original post: Okay. […]

  3. Um, that’s great that you have decided to restart clubpenguin. To be honest, I am a little dissapointed but I’m glad I’m still a contributor. I’m sorry if I let people advirtise their sites or something.

  4. I am glad I am still a contributer though.

  5. Yes! That’s the spirit Mr Donkey! You’re such a legend like Chewit,Yer Mon,bedbed,boopeh,I miss those times…

    Do u remember me? Matre? From Misam’s chat? Althought misam was meany,i miss that bribble.

    Keep up da work!

  6. Nice post!
    Comment back on my site!

  7. Yes, Matre. I remember you 😀

    Yer Mon is upstairs right now on his Xbox 😆 I’ll join him on Live later.

    I’ll be away until Saturday, as I’m going to my grandparents as of today, so any coverage of those days will hopefully be posted after Saturday.

  8. Hey Donkey. Can I do a post about my environmental site just to get the word out? Everyone should really know about the environment’s condition.

    Editors comment: No.

  9. Hey Mr Peckle. You haven’t posted since you took the site back. Is something wrong? Your really behind on the updates.

  10. 1005 days old?! Whoa! My penguin’s only like 470 days old, lol. 😆


  11. your a jerk you know that? when lunar starts to get used to the site, you say ‘oh, now I want it.” which is pretty stupid, considering you never were good at this.
    Well, whatever, but im just saying, your really stupid.

    ps: there is no way mr. pecker or *** will ever be a legend, therefore, you should change the name.

    Editors comment: I’m not going to lower myself to your level, however I will say that the reasons I stated in the post are the reasons for why Lunar was demoted. Your site, email and name have been removed.

  12. Hey Mr Peckle!

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything but, Lunar and I were just getting used to this site, and loving it! Then after about 2 weeks of Lunar, and 1 week of me, BAM! The site is now yours again. Also, you haven’t went and approved any comments and you are wayyyyyy behind on a LOT of stuff. I did try to help with the Snow & Sports Catalog.


  13. XD Donkey I just checked and I am a little bit younger than you.

    Can’t wait to see you updating again!

    This is tux by the way 😉

  14. i dont really care if you leave my name out.

  15. Yeah, Donkey. Your doing waaay better than I was. At least I was updating, which is more tha I can say for you.

  16. mine is 1452 days old

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