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Hey, it’s Donkey. My Club Penguin name is Mr Peckle. If I have to say it again, I own this site.

I have decided to run it again. I don’t want it to start becoming what it was. One of those websites where people are hired and they then advertise other websites. Lunar, you were doing an alright job but I’d like to take charge now as I think I can make things better.

I will be commencing several changes from now, and start playing Club Penguin again briefly to post here.

Also, just thought I’d point out: I’m 1005 days old on Club Penguin! 😀


1005 days old
Stay tuned.
Mr Peckle

All of the Plants are Getting Unpacked!!

All of Rockhopper’s plants from his ship are getting unpacked!!! CRAZY! They are all going onto the Beach!! Check it out!

(Sorry for the bad pictures, my zoom is messed up 😡 rrrrr)

Plants Beach

His ship is less covered, I see a party coming :mrgreen:!

Migrator No that much Plants

I hope a party is coming!

-Tycoon 13

Happy Memorial Day

                     Hello everyone.

     As you all know, today is Memorial Day so Happy Memorial Day!!!  A day to honor those who have died in the war.  May the brave soldiers rest in peace and  be honored.


Sports & Snow Catalog Glitch

Funny 😆

Ok here’s the post.

There is a Glitch in the Snow and Sports Catalog! Go and try to buy the Tennis Net!

 Tennis Glitch

Once you click “BUY”, it will try to buy it, then it will say:

Tennis Glitch 2

Weird? OH YEAH. You have to log off or quit out becuase it will keep doing the spin circle.

-Tycoon 13

Snowbossi inda House !

Hey Peepz ! It’s Snowbossi ;D , well about week ago I won the Admin Contest . But I am only a Editor , so I am really confused . However , I am here to help posting Lunar. I may make a new header and tons of new things .

Alright here is Info. About me , Snowbossi .

Name: Will/Snowbossi

Age: 14

Instant Messenger : Aim: Snowbossicp MSN: xxw_player@hotmail.de Email: Support@Snowbossi.com

Youtube: http://Youtube.com/Snowbossitv

Website: http://snowbossi.com/

Alright, thats all for now . I got to arrange the posting with Tycoon .

So Yea.

That’s all for now !

Waddle on Snow !

~Snowbossi 😉