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Blogs for Free!

Hello penguins!

Today I am happy to announce the giving away of ALL of my blogs, except this one, and my newest one!

If you would like it, email me at cpchiefpilot@gmail.com with. . . .
-Penguin Name
-Penguin Age
-First name
-Blogging experience
-Member or not

and a little bit about you. I will make you a administator on the site if you’re chosen, and you’re free to update, change or do whatever with the site. Currently, I will check in on you once and a while. I have the following site availible if you’d like to be a owner.

Yeah, so, that’s alot of blogs!  Which one is right for you?

Happy hunting!

9 Responses

  1. Awesome blogs! I have emailed you with my information and if you need more, feel free to contact me.

    Jay says
    Okay, I’m looking into it!

  2. hi. promise i will give you book codes for 2 books if you can give me a free membership card.

    For Conact info:

    leave comment on http://www.222sally.wordpress.com

  3. Hey Jay. How is your life going? Haven’t seen you since you left. Miss you, dude. I also sent in my info to you.

    Jay says
    Hey, it’s okay. I saw your info.
    Have you seen my new blog?

  4. Nice work…

  5. cool site! 😀

    Chief Pilot says

  6. Penguin name: Waddle1463

  7. um, i emailed you!

  8. lol

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