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Hey guys,

Chief Pilot here. Some weird glitch has happened or Nachos have hacked us. This is a sad time but hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Visit my site at http://randomjay.wordpress.com.


Skatagirl96: Yeah, I though you put that poll on there! I was wondering how it got there anyway. D’you want me to delete it or shall I just leave it for people to vote on? 😕

Easter Egg Cheats!

Hey guys! Skata here!

The Easter Egg hunt is here, here’s how you find all of them.

First Easter Egg is on the light on the Nightclub:


Second Easter Egg is in the water at the Cove:


Third Easter Egg is on the cart at the Mine:


Fourth Easter Egg is the lantern in the Dojo Courtyard:


Fifth Easter Egg is under the hat in the Gift Shop:


Sixth Easter Egg is in the Ski Lodge in the box of fish:


Seventh Easter Egg is on top of the pole on the Mountain/Ski Hill:


And finally, the last Easter Egg is in the Beacon. Click on the On/Off switch:


Congratulations! You’ve found all the eggs!

I’m not gonna tell you what the prize is, you need to find out for yourselves… ;)

-Skatagirl96 :mrgreen:

Medieval backgrounds!

Hey guys! Skata here!

It looks like Club Penguin’s having another Medieval party, but it’ll be a little different because… you get to choose the new background for the new party catalog! Here’s what you can choose from:


Which one do you like best? Personally, I like #3, but they’re all awesome! Don’t forget to tell CP which one you want to be the background! Because remember, you could be wearing it on your player card!!

Left 4 Dead Review!

Hello penguins!

After a few hours of typing, finding pictures, and text, I’m happy to announce my review for Left 4 Dead!

You can check it out here.


Blogs for Free!

Hello penguins!

Today I am happy to announce the giving away of ALL of my blogs, except this one, and my newest one!

If you would like it, email me at cpchiefpilot@gmail.com with. . . .
-Penguin Name
-Penguin Age
-First name
-Blogging experience
-Member or not

and a little bit about you. I will make you a administator on the site if you’re chosen, and you’re free to update, change or do whatever with the site. Currently, I will check in on you once and a while. I have the following site availible if you’d like to be a owner.

Yeah, so, that’s alot of blogs!  Which one is right for you?

Happy hunting!

The April Fools Party is here!

Hey guys! Skata here! Well, the April Fools party is here. Check it out!

The Blue Propellor Cap is at the Mine.

And if you buy the portal box from the Box Store (members only – Snow Forts) you can go to a magic box world thing. It’s weird, lol. 😆


And the green puffle is missing! Do you think it’s an April Fools joke from CP? Anyway, the black puffle doesn’t look too happy about it!


Over & out!

~Skatagirl96 😀