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300,000 Hits Party!

Hello penguins!

Chief Pilot here 😉 . First of all, I’d like to thank you for the amazing time I had! I started this blog when we had, what? 270,000 hits? So, 30,000 hits! In 3 months! Nice guys! Also, I’d like to thank you guys for the 200 hits on my new site, for 7 hours it was WordPress’ fasted growing blog! 171 views the first day it was made! Now for our CLUB PENGUIN PARTY!

WHY: Chief has 300,000 hits!
WHEN: Apirl 4, 2009




Hey penguins,

Please no longer refer to me as Chief Pilot. My name is Jay, and I’m a person, not a penguin. At this time, I wish to congratulate Skatagirl96, and whoever in the future takes this blog over. Also, I would like to announce my personal blog, which you may visit if you wish.

Jay’s Blog – Check it out.

Please go there and comment.
Thanks guys,

Chief Pilot Party…?

Hey everyone. As you probably know, Chief Pilot has quit CP. But I’ve come up with an idea…

Why don’t we throw a party to celebrate the times he’s had on CP? Chief might not come, but we could get lots of people to come and celebrate! It’s not like it is a good thing Chief quit, but it probably was for him. So what do you think? Comment and say if you like the idea or not. I’ll put a poll on the sidebar for you to vote. 🙂

-Skatagirl96 😀

Jay said:
Wow, nice idea, I would come.

Also guys, Skatagirl96 is celebrating her 5,000 hits party, so check her site for the invite. I think it’s today, so hurry!

New Owner

Due to Chief’s sudden quitting, we need a new owner. But before: Chief. You have done me a huge favour in running this site like you did. Thanks man. You’re always welcome to come back whenever you want. 😦 Cya man.

The new owner is an administrator at the moment. The new owner is skatagirl96, congratulations. I can’t wait to talk to you. Drop me an email, it’s in one of my previous posts.


Chief Pilot Quits!

Hey penguins,

It’s time to announce my time for quitting.  I’ve only been on this blog for about 3 months now, and I’ve enjoyed it.  But, to tell you the truth, this site is the only thing that keeps me on.  I only get on for updates, to take pictures.  For what?  Ten minutes a day, maybe 15 minutes in 3 days.  I’ve turned down going out with friends, dates, and more because of this.  My wordpress career is coming to the end, and I’ve hoped you had as much fun as I did.

I made many friends during this awesome time.  The first one that comes to mind is always Donkey.  Like I said, if he wouldn’t have made me a administrator here, I would be at my site, with only possibly 45,000 hits.  More of my awesome friends:


You’re inspiration, you truly are. You always try for the next level, is at least the first Club Penguin updater. I visit your site at least 5 times a day. Keep on truckin’ Skata!

-Peace O U T

The past 3 years of Club Penguin have gone by so fast. That day I said “Hi!” to you, you call me a weirdo! Look at us now! Best friends!


The girl of my dreams, even though you don’t play Club Penguin, you told me to follow through anything I try. I love you Megan.

There’s always many more, like Lunor Lilo 6, Guszzz1, and many more. I’m growing up, that’s all I can say. Thank you guys for being my first real fans.

And to anyone that comes here for the cheats, that’s great. But for anyone that comes here because I’m here, I really thank you. That’s a true friend.

I will continue to be on Donkey’s forum.
I will check my email sometimes.
I will be on AIM.
I will check on you once and a while.

Bye guys, for the last time.