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Site Ownership Auditions


Today I removed the following users from the website:


None of the were posting. I think it’s time to switch ownership of the website to someone else. And that person could be you, if you have the following requirements:

  • Use good grammar.
  • Have a current blog with at least 30,000 hits.
  • Can write well, and can update the site quickly after Club Penguin updates.
  • Are a member on Club Penguin.
  • Have a WordPress.com account

Is that you? If so, email me at jonathan.cooper100@ntlworld.com with the following form filled in:

  1. Club Penguin Username:
  2. Member?
  3. Your blog url:
  4. Why you want this site:
  5. What you would do with this site:
  6. Can you use grammar well?:
  7. Any other information:

Thank you, each application will be reviewed and compared. 

Mr Peckle/Donkey.


9 Responses

  1. Sorry if I didnt post but i’ve been on vacation untill January 12th.If you think its a joke just check my site.Anyways good luck on getting the new owner!

  2. Ah man, not this again. What happened to Boopy? I only came here because of Boopeh. This has harshed my mellow!! 😦

  3. My two Club Penguin user names are 34Naruto54 and my other is Nickfriend.

    Im not a member,I will become one soon.

    My blog is freewebs.com/clubpenguindude

    I want to be on this site to help get its hits high, and also to help my site get more hits too hopefully.

    I do use grammer well the only things I will say without good grammer is u and ppl.

    I really need some hits on my site I only have a few at the time I know under one hundred.

  4. I send in the questions.
    Hope I get it! 😉

  5. So they aren’t doing anything? No wonder they didn’t do anything! Sorry boopy for blaming u!

  6. 1. My CP username is Supersoradud, but you can call me SSD.
    2. Yes, I am a member.
    3. My blog URL is: http://supersoradud.wordpress.com/
    4. I want this site because I want to be able to help Boopeh (or Boopy, whichever is preferred) as much as I can, whenever I can.
    5. If I owned this site, I would work my hardest to keep people informed and entertained.
    6. Most definitely, yes. I do try to keep my grammar in order. (Although I do slip up from time to time. Not too often, though.)
    7. I always try to do my best, and work hard.

  7. can i join boopy buy i dont have a wordpress account i really want to win

  8. ok

  9. HEHE my bad.

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