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Hey guys! Boopy here!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not being able to post the updates. I lost my internet connection a few days ago and I couldn’t log on. So I’m back now.

I’m here to announce the winners of the last mini contest and the winner of the rare penguin.

Here are the winners of  mini contest.

Ninja Wa 999
The Doctor 76
Blue Buru
Zappa Lc
Tornado Torn
Mr Richy
Sirius Penny
AC angelo
Joe Griffin
Jt 010

Congratulations to the winners! And the winner of the rare penguin is….


Dommo3, please comment your e-mail below (It will be censored) so I can e-mail you the password of the penguin.

Here is the new mini contest:


From which place on Club Penguin can you see this waterfall?

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


39 Responses

  1. Hey its William why aern’t i on the winners list?
    i did 479 comments!

  2. Dojo Courtyard

  3. Thats the cove!

  4. wow i won

  5. dojo courtyard

  6. you can see it from the outside of the dojo

  7. Dojo Courtyard.

  8. You can find the waterfall at the Dojo Courtyard!

  9. The Dojo Courtyard. It is on the top left, behind some of the mountain peaks.

    ~ Whogopenguin

  10. outside of the dojo

  11. The waterfall is at the dojo.

  12. Dojo Courtyard

  13. did u get my email? i didnt get anything i think its also submited with this comment

  14. dojo courtyard

    penguin name: darts noah

  15. the dojo courtyard is the answer to the mini contest

  16. Dojo courtyard

  17. IT’s the dojo court yard

  18. Definately the dojo court yard

  19. DOJO Courtyard

  20. dojo

  21. Cool Post!
    Hey! Guess what?!
    Dljs has officially re-opened his site!
    Come on over!
    You know you WANT to!



  22. Hello, This is seeeker.
    I was wondering if you would like to swap links for our sites. My site is http://seeeker.wordpress.com and I would also like to ask you become an administrator on my site. Because it has its perks. If you want to just comment on my site and I will respond ASAP. I am not asking to become an administrator but if you would like i will. I am not asking you to quit your site, but just to join my site. Thank you for your time.

    P.S: I love your site and I will gaurentee your trust IF i become a administrator. Im not lying, I swear on my life and my site.

    Chief Pilot: That’s up to Mr. Peckle, or who ever your asking.

  23. Congratulations Dommo3! That had to be a lot of work!!!

    The answer to the mini contest is:

    The Dojo

  24. Ok I’m getting REALY bored coming to ur site everyday! It’s starting to suck. U never post things anymore, u think parties aren’t great cuz they have member rooms!

  25. Dojo Courtyard.

  26. That’s the Dojo Exterior.

  27. i know where you can see that waterfall! It’s from the dojo courtyard! 😀

  28. Dojo

  29. dojo

  30. Dojo courtyard

  31. The dojo courtyard

  32. here is my email stuarty211@gmail.com sorry for sending it to u so late


  33. It’s the Dojo Courtyard!

  34. It is the Dojo Courtyard to the left.
    It is one of the only moving animations other then penguin and snowballs in the Dojo Courtyard.

  35. I meant to say, It is the waterfall in the Dojo Courtyard to the left of the Dojo Structure.

  36. It’s the dojo courtyard in the left at the top. C YA WHEN I WIN YOZ!!!

  37. Its The dojo courtyard in the left side at the top

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