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Hey guys! Boopy here!

I’m here to tell you about the new multi-player game that Club Penguin released today.

The new game is here and it’s awesome! Here are the basics of playing.

First of all, there are three types of game play. Here they are.

Friend Mode
You can have friendly competition with other penguins by clicking on the blue mats inside The Dojo. You’ll gain some experience points through this mode.

Competition Mode
The Sensei will match you with another player of similar skill level. You’ll gain the most experience points in this mode of play.

Sensei Mode
You can challenge the Sensei at any belt level, but when you beat him at the black belt level (level 9), you’ll be rewarded with special online items.

Beating the Sensei is really hard. I’ve tried it (but I’m still on white belt) and failed. It’s like he’s a mind reader. But if you do get to defeat him, you’ll get the full ninja suit. Win 5 times to get each belt.

Here are the ranks of the belts.

Basically, you get the cards from Sensei and then he teaches you how to play, all you have to do is pick a card, and if the element beats his, you get an icon, if your card and the opponent’s card has the same element, the winner will depend on the number on the card.

Here are the elements:

Here are some answers that’ll answer your questions (If you’re too lazy to read the whole thing)

How Do I Win?
To win the game, you need to get all 3 icon elements with different colors, or.. you can have 3 icons of the same element, but different colors.


Where Do I Get The Cards?
You can get the Starter Deck by talking to Sensei. You can add cards to your deck by buying the real Club Penguin Trading Cards.

How Do I Get The Belts?
You can get the belts when you win in competition mode 5 to 10 times. When you win, Sensei will talk to you and you’ll get the belt depending on what level you’re on.

How Do I Become A Ninja?
When you reach the level where you can get the Black Belt, fight Sensei and win to get the full Ninja Suit.

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


27 Responses

  1. Cool! I really needed this info!

  2. yo man do u have to buy the card online awnser please this took me long to figure

  3. Can you give me a trading card code? i want more cards

  4. im on he orange belt!!

  5. erm u said as soon as you beet sensei you get the ninja costme actuually you dont you have to buy it for 1,000 pounds i have it there is a secret room and catalog

  6. Awesome update, Boopeh. I am a ninja!

  7. Good info!!! I am only on my yellow belt. The server keeps locking up too.

  8. Win 5 times? I’ve won twenty times and still a yellow belt!

  9. do u have to click on competition mode after every battle?


  11. Brown belt baby!


  13. 1000000000 COINS MAD

  14. ere do u get d gard from email me fadsalloo@hotmail.co.uk

  15. hi hi im on the blue belt! i cant wait 2 get da red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im ghitfy, normally on mammoth or christmas or alaska!!!!!!

  16. Erm hes not a mind reader he waits until you pick a card
    In other words: He knows what you pick

  17. im a ninja too!

  18. any one who can post at lest two cp card jistu codes that have not been used before 3:00 today will get a free penguin and password.

    You’d better hurry up. These are for anyone that want’s them.
    I don’t know if they have been used, but knock your self out.
    ********************** (Lemme check it)
    Stupid Toy’s R us!

  19. any one who can post at lest ten cp card jistu codes that have not been used before 12:00 tomorrow gets a free penguin and password.

  20. any one who can post at lest ten cp card jistu codes that have not been used before 12:00 tomorrow gets a free penguin and password.Email me at dkbaer@shaw.ca to enter.

  21. any one who can post at lest ten cp card jistu codes that have not been used before march 29 will win a free cp cheat. email me at dkbaer@shaw.ca to enter. P.S. please enter! i have been trying to get codes for card jistu for ages!

  22. if someone has a card code that has not been used i will give them free penguin + password

    email me @ airsoftlover347@gmail.com

  23. hi i realy need you to get me some codes im beging ya and ive been trying to get them for the last month or twoall the other people who i know has more cards and they wont give me any codes ever! so plz can you send me a code my my email adress is kuani@hotmail.co.uk so plz can you send me a code and also im giving away a penguin i have 2 so if you send me a code i will send you my acount info for one of my penguins so plz,plz,plz send me a code at kuani@hotmail.co.uk plz im beging

  24. i need to get code for card jistu email benjaminradstone@hotmail.com plz plz plz plz plz
    give my penguin account as well

  25. sorry tim won’t be able to come to your b-day. thx

  26. i have codes for the jitsu game on clubpenguin. give me a treasure book code for 10 new packs.or give me old card jitsu codes for the newer ones but they have to work.

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