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Okay the previous post wasn’t Boopeh, it was me, Donkey/Mr Peckle.  If you didn’t work that out.

It was a joke on me, I don’t really care about all of this Club Penguin and forums crap anymore, so I’m just going to give the blog back as I don’t want to much too much up. I’m sorry for what I did, it won’t happen again.. blah blah..

I have added everyone to the editor role, and Boopeh as an administrator. Boopeh can administrate accordingly. What is more important is that I stay as an administrator. If I don’t, I will contact wordpress and get them to reverse the actions making me the administrator again. Don’t bother removing me, this will be my last post.

Donkey/Mr Peckle

Proud owner of this blog since March 07.


7 Responses

  1. my cp membership has just expired
    my parents and sister wont give me money to buy another membership giftcard/gamecard
    not fair
    if anyone has an unused club penguin membership giftcard/gamecard code, be sure to send it to me at marsbar68@live.com
    cuz after its a member, ill let people play on it!

  2. well if boopeh removes you then you will contact wordpress to reverse the changes…. i dont think so! infact once they any posts you made check ip adresses from loads of different site youve commented on or posted on and they will know if its you or not! and that boopeh was the origional admin and this isnt your blog……
    hope im making sense here 😛

  3. well if you did create the blog then they will still delete you as admin and boopeh would be admin because of numerous reasons! some are tricks i use a lot! 😛

  4. please addme to your blogroll too…

  5. I don’t understand…

  6. Okay, invisable. You obviously don’t have a clue so I’ll explain this to you.
    In future don’t assume things, you sound like a right dick head posting that crap there. I am the original admin.

    Look at this:

    The first comment from it was on April 07.

    Boopeh deleted all of my blog posts up until I passed the site on to him.

    Another comment from you and I’m IP banning you from this site, yes, that is possible with WordPress, so I advise you to stop now. Only make constructive comments and not the bullshit you’re posting now.

    If you continue not to believe me, look -_-:

    That’s what the site used to look like (when I was a newb >.<)

    Okay that’s it.


  7. oh………….

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