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Penguin Games

Hey guys! Boopy here.

I’m here to post about the Penguin Games! 😀

First of all there are three new items, two that you can find, and the other one you have to earn.

They’ve given back the face paints.

The red face paint can be found at the Coffee Shop. Just go to the make-up station.

The Blue Face Paint can be found at the Pizza Parlor. Just go to the make-up station on top of the stage.

Now I’m going to tell you how to get the last item, you have to win games. Each game is almost the same, just different motions. Once you win all of the three games, you may be able to get the last item. Here’s how to win each of the games.

Marathon Game – Ski Village

– First, go to the Ski Village and step on the checkered floor. (Black and white squares)
– Then follow the path going to the lights each time, you have to stop each time you get to a light. Here’s an example of how you should turn the light on.

– Just finish the path while lighting the lamps and you’ll end up at the Cove.
– After a while, confetti will jump out and that’s the signal you won, if nothing came out, go back and check if you missed any lamp.
Note: Sometimes you may have to keep moving back and moving back to the lamp. Just keep trying until the lamp finally lights up.

Three Lap Race – Ice Berg

– Go to the Ice Berg.
– This is almost the same as Marathon but much faster and easier.
– Go to the starting mark and wait for the countdown.
– Just light up the lamps as you go along the track, you will need to go around the whole thing three times. Here’s an example of how close you should be.

– After you’re done with the three laps, the big screen will say “WINNER!” and confetti will spring out.
Note: Sometimes you may have to keep moving back and moving back to the lamp. Just keep trying until the lamp finally lights up.

Freestyle Swim – Underground Pool

-Go to the Underground Pool.
– The easiest game among the three.
– Go to the starting mark at the left side of the pool.
– Just keep swimming end to end until the big sign at the top says “6 Lengths”

And you’re finished! Here is the item you get when you win all three:

It’s the Gold Medal!

There’s still another place, but I’m not granted access. There is a football field when you go to the Snow Forts, unfortunately, the Football field is only for members.

My Opinion of the party so far…

Well, I really think the party is good. I’d rate it 7.5/10. It’s very interactive and there are a lot of free items. The thing that makes it bad is that the football field is only for members and that the games get tiring really fast. It gets boring after a while if you’ve played it about two times.

Note: The mini contest winners and the new mini contest will come tomorrow.

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


8 Responses

  1. Cool post boopy! 😀 did you like running troght all CP ? 😀

  2. nice post man please comment back

    http://clone787cp.wordpress.com/ 😉

  3. this is such a great post!

  4. Good stuff. Hey boopy, please tell the us what hat was wrong tomorrow too ok? Thanks!


  6. Also, I got 10,000 comments 🙂

  7. Lol thanks guys. 😀

  8. Thanks for the awesome post boop!!!

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