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Club Penguin Updates

Hey guys! Boopy here!

I’m here to tell you about Rockhopper and his scavenger hunt!

Here are the items that Rockhopper brought:

You might have noticed the Paper boat beside the moderator sign:

That’s because the new scavenger hunt is out, and here are the locations for the Paper Boats:

Paper Boat 1:

This paper boat can be found at the Mine.

Paper boat 2:

This paper boat can be found at the Cove.

Paper boat 3:

This paper boat can be found at the Coffee Shop.

Paper Boat 4:

This paper boat can be found at the Beach. You have to click it once first so it can get out of the rock and then click it again to claim it.

Paper Boat 5:

This paper boat can be found at the Pool, it can be tricky, it moves around.

Paper Boat 6:

This paper boat can be found at the Pet Shop.

Paper Boat 7:

This paper boat can be found at the Dock. You have to click it first to make it go out, and click it again to claim it.

Paper Boat 8:

This paper boat can be found at the Ice Berg.

When you find all, you can now try to build the blueprints. Here is a picture of the blueprints and what you get when you complete it.

Here’s what you get when you finish it.

There is a new play at the stage. Here are the new items:

Referee Jersey – 300
Silver Whistle – 100

Blue Pom Pom – 120
Blue Cheerleader Sweater – 350
Blue Track Jacket – 550
Red Pom Pom – 120
Red Cheerleader Sweater – 350
Red Track Jacket – 550

Here is this week’s mini contest:

Which of the following items DOES NOT belong?

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


28 Responses

  1. [Nope, it’s only one item.]

  2. [Nope, it’s just one item.]

  3. The one that does not belong is [Correct]…Lol..I analyzed it..

  4. It’s the [Correct]

  5. why do i always get on second place?

  6. Wow! Nice CSS and header! Great post keep it up dude!

  7. AWESOME POST!!!!!!!
    And the item that doesnt belong is [Correct] 😀

  8. The [Correct] doesn’t belong.

  9. It’s the [Correct]! :mrgreen:

  10. Great post! I can’t wait to see the new igloo.

    P.S. Great site! Keep up the good work.



    and… [Correct]

  11. [Correct]

  12. I didn’t know why that silly map wouldn’t go together until I read the lame clue saying I had to go to the mine shaft. Geez, nothing is a gimme anymore. LOL


    A very informative post! Your pics are great.

  13. Errm…it’s the..uh, [Correct]

  14. Obviously, the [Correct] doesn’t belong!!!

  15. [Correct] doesnt belong

  16. yahoo another contest! [Correct]

  17. [Nope, sorry]

  18. [Correct] Sorry I couldn’t comment on the last two mini-contests. 😦

  19. [Correct]

  20. [Correct]

  21. I dont know if i can do the mini-contest.

  22. I think i can do it.And i think i can.:]

  23. How do do the smiley face

  24. Rockhopper is so cool

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