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Newspaper #141


I personally, like this weeks paper over all others! Why you may ask? Well because it really got the point across.

Tomorrow, Rockhopper will return.. Here is a picture of the Migrator:

Everything else in the paper wasn’t very important accept the current events. Here is what’s coming up tomorrow:

Waddle On!

Simmer 27


Hey guys! Boopeh here. As some of you noticed, people say that Chewit Dude is back.  Check out his new site for yourself. http://chewitttcp.com is the site link. Anyways, I say that’s he’s fake. I KNOW Chewit. Whatever he says, don’t believe him. Chewit and I were the best of friends. And he told me he quit CP for good. He even bought CSS and a domain for his site. He even told me himself that he would never ever pay for those kind of things. Well, it’s up to you on what you want to believe. If you want to believe, it’s fine with me. Well, that’s all for now, oh yeah, thanks Simmer for posting the newspaper.

Waddle On!


4 Responses

  1. Hey!
    check my first post nice post too

  2. I dont think he is back.Also,he said he wouldnt pay that.I saw him recently on cp but that could be a hacker.I hope its real chewit because the hacker could have his pass.Well,nice post!


  3. I think its Chewy faking being Chewitt. A legend quits and the exacts ame day Chewitt returns, and coincidently Chewitt is hired on Mohds site. Too coincidencial for me. Though I spelled that wrong lol.

  4. Aka the legend is Chewy just so we know.

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