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— Giving Away Mr Peckle —

Hi, penguins!

Yeah, it’s me, Mr Peckle.  As I don’t play Club Penguin anymore, I will be giving my ‘rare’ and ‘famous’ penguin Mr Peckle away.
But, you have to fill in a short form to be able to be given my penguin.

Only ONE person will be given the account. To apply to have it yourself, fill in this form as a comment:

Club Penguin username:
Email Address / MSN:
Why you want Mr Peckle:
Would you give it membership? (this doesn’t actually matter but just curiousity):
Your site/youtube/blog (if you have one):

Once you’ve filled this form in it will be reviewed by me and I’ll chose one person.
This person I will email saying they have won the account. The password will be included in this email.

– Mr Peckle / Donkey


27 Responses

  1. Post your asses off 😛

  2. Club Penguin username: Sargeant Maj
    Email Address / MSN: Snoopygirl12345@yahoo.com
    Why you want Mr Peckle: I always wanted to have a famous penguin, mine is just plain. I will take very good care of it.
    Would you give it membership? (this doesn’t actually matter but just curiousity): righ now my penguin is not a member but with mr. peckle i will make it a member. it’s cool to have the old stuff!
    Your site/youtube/blog (if you have one): i dont have one but im thinking about having one.

    I hope you pick me!

  3. user: play mancale
    email: butirroa@yahoo.com
    why i want him: because im goona put him in lots of my youtube vedios and make partys and i wont ban him. and i always wanted a rare penguin account
    member: no i wont make him a member
    i hope i win thx guys
    ~play mancale~

  4. Club Penguin username: Myhead248
    MSN: josephaforshaw@hotmail.com
    Why you want Mr Peckle: Well I think Mr Peckle is awesome and I just think it would be cool for me to have him, you know.
    My site: http://www.josephsdgenerationx.blogspot.com
    Would you give it membership? Well I would ask my mum and dad, but I wouldn’t be aloud probably.

  5. Club Penguin username: Invisable125
    Email Address / MSN: diddy-philly@hotmail.com (email +MSN)
    Why you want Mr Peckle: To find out what items there used to be and to see furnature and see how better it is to have an older penguin!
    Would you give it membership? I might do, im not sure though. Depends if my dad pays for 2 😛
    Your site/youtube/blog (if you have one): http://invisable125.wordpress.com, http://www.youtube.com/user/invisable125

  6. Club Penguin Username: None (My Penguin Chitose Someone Guessed My Pass and Changed pass by buying membership)
    Email Address: sheev200@yahoo.com ( I don’t have MSN sorry)
    Why I want Mr Peckle: I have just been hacked on my rarest penguin I have and now no penguin and would like a penguin. I know many club penguin history and back then was a very big Mr Peckle fan.
    Would You Give It Membership: Yes (Every Penguin I’ve had I have given membership)
    Your Site/youtube/blog:
    http://youtube.com/sheevmista1 (HACKED)
    http://youtube.com/scareynewt42 (new main)

  7. Clubpenguin username:Matre10

    Email: My hotmail isnt currently working but you can email my Gmail.It is matre10@gmail.com

    Why I want Mr Peckle:Well,Its very cool to have rare items.Also I would love to buddy it with my penguin,and I surely will use him to be on my music video productions.

    Would you give it membership:I currently dont know.If I ever win a membership contest I will surely give it to him.

    Site: http://www.cpmythbusters.net or http://www.matrex10.com

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/matrex96


  8. CP username: Jbl44
    email: blkout67@yahoo.com
    Why i want Mr. Peckle: I think it would be cool to have another penguin. I would be very active on him. I would put him in my highly viewed youtube videos. I also want to make sure such an awesome penguin is not gonna be banned by someone who would get bored with him.
    Would I give it membership: Probably, But not very often. It depends what items it has.
    My youtube is: youtube.com/jbl44time


  9. user: Speedster 43
    Email: shopphingcart@yahoo.com
    Why: It would be cool to have a peng like him i would NEVER ban him and go on him often

    Blog: http://speed43.wordpress.com

  10. No not member

  11. Username:Memix
    Email: snak_rap_@hotmail.com (please dont do anything bad to my email)
    Why:Mr Peckle is my DREAM! It would be GREAT to have another penguin, since i lost my other one when i got a new computer… (well thats another story) anyway Mr Peckle is rare, famous AND AWESOME! I would use him often and NEVER get him Banned!
    Membership (YEs/No): Probably, depends how much money i have and what items it has.
    Blog: http://duani2nmemix.wordpress.com/

  12. Without a main penguin it kinda sucks.

  13. User: Larrion

    Email: Yapster_dx123@yahoo.com.ph

    Why: Since Mr Peckly has created this site… i used it a lot!!! then i admired Mr Peckly. your news you post like your online… i always find you. even i have to stay up at 3:00 am!!!. i even got grounded just for YOU!.

    Will you give it membership?: YES!!! my mom has a new job and gave me a lot of allowance so i WILL GIVE IT MEMBERSHIP!!! 😀

  14. o yeah u were the first person to comment on my site 😀 ( too bad i dint use it anymore 😦 the reason why i dint turn it off because you first commented! so i never deleted it because u FIRST POSTED! ) IM VERY PROUD

  15. This is all quite hard :S
    I might put a number on each of you and select one at random 😉

  16. Club Penguin username: Chido Quique
    Email Address / MSN: enriquejesus96@hotmail-co,
    Why you want Mr Peckle: This site is the cool and i admired you.
    I will make him a member.
    Would you give it membership? Yes!
    Your site/youtube/blog (if you have one): http://www.chidoquiquecp.wordpress.com

  17. Okay no more need to post i’ll chose a winner now 🙂

  18. Club Penguin username: Ta4422
    Email Address: flappybookcover@hotmail.com
    Why you want Mr Peckle: He’s a cool penguin. I think it would be great to own him.
    Would you give it membership? (this doesn’t actually matter but just curiousity): I might, if I get enough money to buy a card.

    Your site/youtube/blog (if you have one): http://www.youtube.com/aankers

  19. ill take it and give it a membership for 12 months Mr Peckle reply if i can have it at funnybuddy25@aim.com ok?

  20. i have three member acount if you want one you have to email your username and password make sure no body knows it excepted you and me

  21. Club Penguin username: Khalgar1

    Email Address / MSN: titans_rock111@hotmail.com

    Why you want Mr Peckle: Because ive always wanted a famous penguin and my penguin is just plain and boring, it woul;d be good to have a wonderful penguin form once

    Would you give it membership? (this doesn’t actually matter but just curiousity): yes i will

    Your site/youtube/blog (if you have one): http://youtube.com/khalgar1cp

  22. I really would like to have Mr. Peckle. Mr. Peckle is an amazingly cool penguin, and I think it would be fantastic to own him. I would not be like most other kids and get Mr. Peckle banned. I would just play with him different games and such. I would be very careful with Mr. Peckle.
    I would make Mr. Peckle a member if I get him. I think it is very important, because it would make him just an even better penguin.
    Thanks so much for looking at my reply. I hope I win!
    Thanks Mr. Peckle/Donkey!

  23. because my cousin needs a famous penguin because all his penguins are poor.

  24. send me a member plz

    email me at


  25. I did a comment but when i did it didnt come through!

  26. if you give it to me I will give it one year membership and unlocke the items also

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