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I checked Club Penguin Cummunity and found some pretty impressive stuff.

First off, an igloo was featured. I don’t know why Club Penguin did this but here is the featured igloo:



Congrats to Kiotho, the owner of this igloo!

Also something was going on with CPST, (Club Penguin Standard Time) here is a picture.

Will the clock in Snow Forts be updated?  That’s a question I will want answered.

Click Here for the Community page.

Some random poll was made on the page. Here is a picture:

To tell you the truth, I liked them all. So I didn’t vote :)!

Club Penguin came out with some new wall paper as well. Personally, I think the wall paper is the best yet. Click Here for the new wall paper.

Now for Billybobs’ post:

Hello Penguins!

A new pin was just hidden today! If you’ve never looked for a pin before, try getting some buddies together or join a search group that’s already formed and hunt for the pin. When you find it, pick it up by clicking on it and wear it on your player card. Lots of penguins will probably ask you where you found it, so try to give them a hint without spoiling the surprise!

A new clothing catalog came out today too! It’s packed with gear for the summer so be sure to check it out! I really like the Aviator sunglasses–they’re cool! As always, let us know what you like and even what you think could be better!
In other news: You may have noticed a couple updates to the Community section of the website. A clock set to Penguin Standard Time was added to help you and your friends plan to meet up–at the same time! And starting this week, a different igloo will be featured that shows lots of creativity and imagination. To have your igloo considered all you have to do is decorate it. Let us know what you think of the first featured igloo!

Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team

Well okay, every week there will be an igloo contest.  Winner gets to be posted on the Community page.
Also, I called Club Penguin today. I had some problems. These were the questions I asked and these were the replies:

Question 1) Why does Club Penguin bring back old items?
Answer to question one:

We bring back old item’s because Club Penguin has many new penguins. We want to give every penguin a chance to get the items they really want. Not every item will be brought back though. Items that will never be brought back are these: Party hats, the Black or Pink toque, The CPIP item. There are more but I cannot tell you which items will be brought back.

The second question I asked was this:
Question 2)I lost the red whistle in CPIP, can I have it back?

CP dude: Whats your penguin’s name?
Me: Simmer 27

CP dude: Whats the email you uesd to create your account?
Me: jonah@6noels.com

CP dude: Well I think I will take your word on it. You should have the item in 5 minutes tops
Me: Thanks!
If you want my party pictures scroll down a little.
If you want the new pin, scroll down alot!



3 Responses

  1. You changed your lay out.
    I lost several things in the CPIP and emailed CP. They didn’t give any of it back. They said too bad more or less. I think they have no clue half the time on what they are doing there.

  2. nice post man

  3. Thanks for posting Simmer.

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