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New Catalog + Party Invite + New Video + Mini Contest

Hey guys, Boopeh here.

I’m here to tell you about the New Catalog, My Party Invite, My New Video, and The New Mini Contest.

Here are the secrets from the new Catalog:

Click the Blue Sandal to get the Red/Blue Viing helmet. (You can get the blue one by clicking the the sandal and closing and open, do it 4 times and you’ll get the blue helmet.)

Click on the panel on the Diving Suit to get the Diving Helmet.

Click the gem on the crown to get the Crystal Staff.

Click on the Belt Buckle on the Knight Suit to get the Woodsman’s Hat.

Click on the pocket of the overalls to get the Cheesy Necktie.

Here are the new backgrounds on the new catalog. The Red Flower Background, The Blue Flower Background, and the Beach Background are old backgrounds that came back.

Well, that’s all for the new catalog.

Oh, and by the way, there is a new pin, the new pin is located at the Forest. The pin is an Ice Cream Cone pin. Here’s the pic of the pin.

Here’s the picture of my party invite.

Be sure to comment below if you can make it or not.

Here is the new video I gave you a hint about:


Please comment on what you think of the video!

Now here’s the mini contest.

– Where room does this Tractor-In-A-Bottle come from?

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


25 Responses

  1. this truk comes from the [Correct]? i will go to the party

    u rock!!!!!!

  2. The toy in the bottle is in the [Correct].

    What a great vid!!! Sponge Bob would be proud! Your little comments were hilarious. Nice work.

  3. [Correct]

  4. [Correct] of course 🙂

    i sure will attend the party!! so many partys on saturday!!!!

    btw mine is 2 hours before urs 🙂

  5. The truck in a bottle is from the [Correct]! And im coming to the party! My Cp name is bublucious I. See ya there!

  6. sweet video boopeh!
    comment back!

    CPM 😉

  7. I new it was going to be sponge bob
    the answer is: [Correct]

  8. It comes from the [Correct]

  9. Hey I think Im coming and awesome invitation!

    Mini contest: I think ots comes from the [Correct]

  10. It is from the [Correct]

  11. Hey Boopy, you missed snowdobby’s comment #4 on where the toy in the bottle was located. Since he posted prior to others, you may want to throw this mini contest out. LOL

  12. A little too obvious, it’s at the [Correct]. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your party.

  13. Lol. Great video.

  14. it come from the [Correct].if not,i dont know.

  15. the bottle is at the [Correct]

  16. You can find the bottle at the [Correct]. hehe 🙂

  17. Yo!!

    The truck comes from the [Correct]

    -Peace Out

  18. the bottle comes from the [Correct]

  19. The truck’s from the [Correct].

  20. Its from the [Correct]

  21. ive never heard that sponge bob song before (could you make the F.U.N song for us that would be great!)

  22. [Correct]

  23. the toy in the bottel comes from the [Correct]

  24. LOL. Your vid is so funny.

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