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Hey guys, Boopeh here, i’m just going to tell you what i’ve been doing around the site lately.

1. I’ve changed the header if you noticed. My old one was terrible and too simple. So I made a  new one and added awesome effects. Please rate it out of 10. 😀

2. I’ve updated the sidebar. You know, the age, and member stuff. And if you see on the site awards widget, i’ve added a cute little button to poke all day. Lol. Try it, it’s really fun.

3. I’ve added horizontal lines on posts to seperate different topics so you guys won’t get confused. It helps people who don’t read much lol. It even affected me once, I couldn’t read my own posts, so I added these horizontal lines.

4. I’ve added an Ultimate Links Page so all you guys can posts their sites there and it can be advertised on that very special page. It’s very simple, just put my site on your blogroll, and comment on the page to get on my Ultimate Links page. ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE can join it there. It could help people who have little hits and need more. For more information, click here.

If you have any more suggestions to make the site any better, please just comment here. Or on a latest I posted. I’d be happy to read your suggestion.

By the way, thanks for helping me reach 170,000 hits! I’ll try scheduling a party for you guys so we can finally celebrate it.

Well, that’s all for now!
I hope you had the patience to read all of this. Lol.
Waddle On!


14 Responses

  1. Nice Header. I see you have made a very nice header. Added some noise too 😉

  2. Thanks Smarteh.

  3. Cool Site!
    It’s so awesome!
    Please visit http://www.mmopuk.blogspot.com and Post A Comment!
    I have only just started and I need more hits!

  4. we added you! But anyways, HoW tHe FrIeKeN hElL dId YoU mAkE tHaT hEaDeR?!?!?!?!

  5. Hey thanks Boopeh! Im gonna hope I get hits from the Ulitmate Links!

  6. No problem.

    Anyways, i’ll make you a header if you want. Just gotta give credit.:D

  7. awsum Header 10/10
    I LOVE that poke me button 🙂
    Nice horizantle lines 😛
    I’ll join the ultimate link page later
    Congrats on 170,000 hits dude
    can’t wait if you have a party!

    This was a very hard decision.
    Farewell to all my fans,friends and more 😉
    It was a blast.
    Dont forget to comment…



  9. 9/10 great header! Could u plz take a look at mine?

  10. Dude i got to make animations!
    Check Out My Animations Of The Catalogs Dude!

  11. It was in the [Correct]

  12. Holla!

    Can you make me an invitation for my 225,000 hits party? Here is the information:

    Where: Tundra, Beacon.
    When: Saturday 31st May – 1pm PST
    Why: 225,000 hits.

    I will be taking pictures, and adding some buddies!



  13. Hey Boopeh! Great Site!!!! Do ou think you could add me to your blogroll? I have 160,000 hits! Please comment back. If you want I will add you to. Thanks!


    -Cfai Unknown

  14. Lol, love the button.

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