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New Newspaper

Hey guys! I’m here to tell you about the new newspaper that came out!

Reminder that the igloo contest judging will be from May 23 – May 26.
Winner will be announced on May 29 and will recieve 10,000 coins each.

The Medieval party has been extended due to dragon-size demand, the Medieval Party has been extended until May 25. Also that the winners of the book writing competition will be announced on May 29.

Now for the “In Focus” Page.
Hello tour-fans, and welcome to another In Focus feature. Today we’ll be touring some relaxing places to chill out with your friends. Let’s take it easy at the Coffee Shop…

Did you know?

Check it out!:

How it’s done:

Tip of the week:

Now for the Aunt Arctic page.

Q1: Dear Aunt Arctic, A penguin told me to follow him for a secret, but when I did he disappeared! What gives?

A1: Sometimes it’s just that the penguin wants to play a practical joke, but don’t give up on the secrets that can be found on Club Penguin.

Q2: Dear Aunt Arctic, When’s the nect party, because i’m ready to party hearty!

A2: Here are some tips on how to keep you up to date with the parties in the future:

1) Check the Club Penguin Times every week. We’ll be sure to report anything we hear.

2) Watch for special holiday celebrations.

3) Is the coming events page a little empty? Be on the lookout for surprise parties. The party committee is fond of throwing them.

Ok, there’s this puzzle thing on the newspaper, but it’s really hard for me (I’m not very smart lol)
Just read the instructions and you’ll understand the game in no time!

Here are the upcoming events for this week’s newspaper:

In the CPIP blog, it says that there might be a new World selection to make it easier for us, here’s exactly what is says:

“Hello Penguins!

Meeting up with buddies in Club Penguin is really important–I know because it’s something a lot of you say is difficult right now. In fact, it has been on of the top things suggested for improvement from many players! Your feedback on this issue has been a huge help. The team knew right away that one of the first improvements they wanted to work on was to make it easier to find your buddies when logging into Club Penguin. 

Some of you had great ideas about making the login function better–a popular one was grouping worlds based on those you visit most often!

That’s part of what the team is working on right now. They are totally rebuilding the way you login to Club Penguin! The new login feature will make it a lot easier to locate your friends online–and the worlds will be grouped in a way that will help you stick with the buddies you play with most often. 

The feature is still being worked on and as always, any suggestions or ideas you have will help make Club Penguin even better! So let us know what you think!

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team”

Well that’s all for the newspaper, here are the winners from the last mini contest:





















Lot’s of winners this week.

Anyways, i’ll be giving a new mini contest tomorrow.

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!



3 Responses

  1. Hi Boopeh,

    Wow! Great Posting…so informative. I can’t wait to join the igloo contest even if I’m not too crazy about the prize but hey, it’s all in the fun. You have an site…Come and visit mine when you have a chance. I need pointers to improve mine:

    http://poshbabez.wordpress.com/ 🙂

    Poshbabez (Monkeypod44)

  2. Yay! I won! XD

  3. Woah, How it’s Done is Hydro-Hopper? Last time I checked it was Mancala.

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