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Medieval Party

Hey guys i’m here to tell you about the new Medieval Party that just came out. (I got my site back)

Here’s what’s new:
-1 free item
– Awesome decorations

I don’t like it though, it’s hideous. Lol, no offece to those who like it. You can find this free item at the Dock.

You should see the decorations, i’ll show you pics of my favorite rooms.

This is the second floor of the Forest. (I was shocked too. Lol.)

Just click for a bigger picture.

This is the pool, full of coins, also one of my favorite rooms.

<Click for a bigger picture>

This is the Snow Forts, it’s really cool. I really like the weapons lol.

<Click for a bigger picture>

So far, here’s what I think of the party.

The party is really great, the decorations are great. The decorations are great because you can interact with most of the decorations around the party, so you should explore to find the different and new decorations that you see around Club Penguin. There are lots of interactive decorations like at the Snow Forts, if you move your cursor over the weapons, the weapon you move your cursor over will fire a snowball in different places. The things that I don’t like about the party is that there is only 1 free item, and the music gets annoying after a while

Party overall rating: 8.7/10

Well, here’s a mini contest for you guys.

From which Book in the book room did this page come from?

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


35 Responses

  1. Its from the book called [Correct]

  2. Yay! More mini-contests! Hope this will be my 4th one that I win,It is from the book [Correct]

  3. the book is [Correct]

  4. It is from [Correct]

  5. The book is called [Correct]

  6. the book is [Correct]

  7. Boopeh,you should update the pin widget

  8. Hey boopeh long time no see dude
    its starskie 😀 maybe you remember me or not 😦
    well here is my site
    also you have done a awsum job this this site

  9. Lol the music does get annoying. Anyways the mini contest answer is a little obvious. Anyways it’s [Correct]

  10. Oh and the answer is [Correct]
    thats a ovous one lol
    and boopey is there any way i can get on you blog roll
    all i have is 2,000 hit if
    there is a way comment me back
    if not its ok
    !Waddle On!

  11. ohhh and also thank you for the comment on my blog

  12. the book is the [Correct]

  13. The book is [Correct] Will I get a prize? {>_<} Boopeh: No, I don’t have good enough prizes =P

  14. awesome post!!!!

  15. it is from [Correct]

  16. Hey Dude Check Out My New Funny Pictures!

  17. Pretty Cool Site.

  18. I do visit often, just little tim eto comment!

  19. The picture is from the [Correct]. The party’s pretty good. I wish there was more free items. Non members should be praised because they don’t complain that they have to wear less clothes than the members. There should be more free items all the time. Or at least items which the non members can buy. Non member clothing is rare so BOO members!

  20. Members rule. And I wouldn’t be complaining uchihaitachi250, because we pay money.

  21. It came from the [Correct]!!!

  22. oh this is a random guess. this might be the only other book i know other than rockhopper’s journal, burnt out bulbs, and my puffle. but is that pic from


    well my site is

    the party is awesomely decorated but there should be more free items

  23. The book is [Correct].;):D

  24. The book is [Correct]

  25. It was fun hangin out with u and Ag 😉

  26. the book is: [Correct]

  27. Please read my latest post on my site 😦

  28. THE BOOK IS [CORRECT. Lol. :P]

  29. OOOOUH! I know! The page is from the book [Correct]
    I love that book! Also, nice post! Comment Back!

  30. the book is [Correct]

  31. the [Nope, sorry.] book

  32. The picture came from the book [Correct]….this is fun =D

  33. Contest is over.

  34. will there be an other contest?
    and can we send emails to each other on gmail?

    pretty please


  35. hi
    good luck

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