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Newspaper + Mini Contest

Hey guys.

I would tell you about the newspaper, but there’s a glitch in the newspaper.

They aer currently showing the newspaper from April 10. I’ll update this post as soon as the new newspaper comes out.

Hey guys the newspaper finally came out! And here it is:

Special Section (Featured Story)
Excited penguins all over Club Penguin have been eagerly discussing the opening of Rockhopper’s Quarters. So if you still don’t have the key by now, you better get it! Rockhopper’s going to leave soon! All information about finding the key can be found here.

The wig catalog comes out on May 2, and so does the clothing catalog.

Special Section II

The title says it all, but here’s what Aunt Arctic said about it.
Rockhopper told the Club Penguin Times today about his upcoming departure from Club Penguin. Although he’s very sad to go, he’s eager to take the Migrator out to sea as soon as possible. He leaves May 5th and intends to return in June. “Arr I be checking she be ship shape!” he told us.



Writers needed for the new books in the Book Room.
1. Write a story using one of the topics provided.
2. Submit it using the button on this week’s newspaper.
3. Submissions will be accepted May 1 to May 7.

1. Submissions must be 200-500 words.
2. They must be original.
3. They must take place in Club Penguin.

Entries will be judged on:
1. Imagination.
2. Creative use of Club Penguin places, items, games, etc.
3. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Special Section III
(No picture available)

Penguins looking for a little culture will be pleased to know that on May 9 the Stage will be bringing back one of it’s classic plays, “Twelfth Fish”. And though audiences have appreciated the fantastic designs in the past, the Stage Society has a slightly different idea this time.

In Focus
Here are some pics/FAQs about The Forest.

Aunt Arctic
Dear Aunt Arctic, I think this might be a silly question, but who is this Rockhopper guy I keep hearing about?

A1 – Captain Rockhopper, who visited the island last week for the first time in many months, is Club Penguin’s expert treasure hunter and a penguin pirate. The sea is his passion, and he enjoys returning to Club Penguin every so often to party with us and share with us his treasure.

Q1 Dear Aunt Arctic, I saw a penguin with a camera. Where did they get it? I’d love to have one!

A2 – It was in the play “Squizdoiz vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal”, as one of the characters was a reporter.

Tips and Secrets
In order to get plenty of coins the best way you can is to play the cart game by the Mine.
You can get up to 100-300 coins, keep on pressing spacebar, if there are no turns or press arrows at the same time with the space bar and try out your own fab tricks.

There is better way to get coins from Cart Surfer. You just have to keep repeating this pattern of tricks.

Keep doing a backflip (Down, Down, Jump) and a spin in the air (Jump, Left/Right). Keep doing that alternately (Meaning, backflip, spin, backflip, spin, backflip, spin, etc.) ANd when you go thright a turn, you have to grind (Down, Direction the turn is going ex. Ifyou have to go left press the left button) You’ll be able to get 400+ coins. This trick is optional, but it gets you more coins, once you have about 2,000 points, keep dieng until you have no more Carts left. That will save you time so you can get more coins, with that trick you’ll be able to get 500-600 coins, just keep practicing and you’ll get it right.

Review by you

The Golden Puffle, hmm….

The best thing about this play were the special effects, especially the snowball thing! The costumes are soooooooo egypt-eriffic!

The music was a bit spooky, and gave me the creeps.

Bonus Puzzle

If you want the answers for the puzzle, just look below. But if you don’t want the answers, then look away! Lol.

Upcoming events

Here are the winners from the last Mini Contest.

Boggs (Unfortunately, just kidding)








Thanks to all who participated!

Here’s the new mini contest.

By the way, Boopy12345 just turned 600 days old yesterday. 😀
I’ll be having a party next week, well I don’t know, I may have some plans because I might be going to the beach again.

I’m having the party next next week. I’m leaving for the Beach again next week. Sorry for making it so far. I really want to make it next week but I have this outing thing with my parents and lots and lots of my cousins, so its really big, too big to miss. I hope you can forgive me. I owe you guys a party. 😉

In other news I have hints for you on what my next video is going to be about. Here it is:

This video is going to be a spoof of the 2 biggest CP productions on Youtube. 😉
It is going to be exactly like them, but funnier and all spoofed up by me. Some of the features on the shows may be the same, but the people in it are way different.

In other news, (Sorry for this really long post, just bare with me. Lol, I was the one who had to type it, all you have to do is read.) And thank you guys for the past few days, i’ve been getting alot of hits. 300 a day to be excact, I know, for some people it isn’t that much, but it is alot to me and i’m very grateful. Please keep this up. 😀 Tell you friends about my site. Anything that would help the site become more sucessfull than ever. Even more news, some of my next mini contests will have BIGGER prizes. So stay tuned on the site and you might be able to win something BIG.

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle on!


8 Responses

  1. Yep, that glitch is really annoying. Not sure if everyone has it though. I’m Red Cuddly, we were buddies once, but I think you deleted me or something.

  2. Hope you have a nice time on the beach 🙂

  3. Sweet site!
    Check out mine and comment sometimes.
    If its not a problem could yeah add me to your blogroll and maybe i will add you 😉



  4. That newspaper glitch happened to me too.Anyway, heres the mini contest answer: [Correct]Have a nice time on the beach! 😀

  5. Lol, random guess but is that [Nope, wrong, you were actually wrong fir the first time! Lol.]? Anyways have a nice trip to the beach, lol.

  6. I know. :[

  7. This one’s hard.

  8. OMG! It was the [Correct]!

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