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Green puffles + New mini contest

Hey guys!
I’m here to tell you something about the Green Puffles.

If you go on the Test Servers, you are one! Everyone is a puffle going around. Here is a pic of me in the test servers.
Lol it’s really fun.
Here are the special tricks with the puffle:
If you press D or dance when you’re a puffle, you’ll get the red propeller cap and fly around crazily, and that will keep repeating, like the ordinary dance. Here is a pic:
Sorry I couldn’t give you guys an animation.
And here is what happens when you press W or the wave button.
You’ll get on a unicyle and start cycling in a circle and go back to your original spot. Here’s the pic:

And if you throw a snowball it can either be one of the following reactions:
He could be taking a bath.
He could be sleeping.
Or he could be eating.
They will always be different, if you change places a couple of times, they may change.

Well, that’s all for the April Fool’s party on the Test Servers.

Here it is! The new mini Contest! The winners will be announced on Thursday.
Now here is the question.

Where do these pile of trees belong?

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!


29 Responses

  1. The Trees Are In The [Correct]!

  2. Ooh, good one. Let’s see… ooh the [Correct]. Wait… yup.

  3. the trees are at the [Correct]
    – mr bigman ~

  4. The trees are at the [Correct]!
    Until Next Time!

  5. The trees are in the [Nope, sorry]!

    ~Rocktroper a.k.a Flamster101~ šŸ˜†

  6. the trees are in the [Nope, sorry]!!!!!! am i right???yippee!!!!!!!! nice site lemons šŸ™‚

  7. The Trees are at the [Correct]!!!!!!!


  8. Lol Thanks Snowball.

    Thanks everyone for participating.

  9. I know! they belong to the [Correct].

  10. the trees are at the [Nope, Sorry]?

  11. Lol, the pic where the puffle’s about to eat looks like he’s sleeping.

  12. The trees are at the [Nope, nice try]

  13. The trees are at the [Correct].
    Nice competiton and i love your site.


  14. Hey it belongs to the [Correct]!!!!

  15. I know! they belong at the [Nope, sorry]!!!!

  16. The trees are at the [Nope, sorry]

  17. The trees are at The [Correct]!

  18. The tree’s belong to the [Nope, sorry]

    ~Heuwy šŸ™‚

  19. your site rocks heck!!!
    i come to it all the time!
    happy aprill fools day!
    check out my site at http://cpmac.wordpress.com !
    keep waddling!

  20. the [Nope, sorry]?

  21. the trees belong to the [Nope, sorry]

  22. The treesz are in the …

    Ice Rink?



  23. wat doas the green puffle play

  24. Whats a Puffle?

  25. Why am i still a puffle?

  26. how do you join club puffle

  27. the trees belong at the snow forts

  28. The trees belong to the ice rink?

  29. OHHH is it the forest?

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