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New Newspaper

Main News
There is a Christmas party review.
Talks about the play on the stage: “The Twelfth Fish”. And new production coming on January 11.
Talks about New Wig catalog coming out tomorrow.
Featured game is Puffle Round Up.
Tips and Secrets game is Astro Barrier.
New segment called “On The Job At” and it talks about making pizzas at the Pizza Parlor.
Aunt Arctic
Q1: Dear Aunt Arctic, I hear penguins keep calling Rockhopper a pirate, but arent pirates mean?
A1: Captain Rockhopper is many things, but mean is not one of them. Everyone who has met him would say he’s a friendly penguin that likes to party.
Q2: I notice some places in Club Penguin, like the Dojo, don’t have games or anything. What are they for?
A2: It’s for you and your friends to hang out in.
Upcoming Events:

So… That’s it for now!
Happy New Year!


2 Responses

  1. nice post! We get the 50th pin xD

  2. what is dojo? it says the name in the papir but i dont know where it is. can u tell me where so i can go

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