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Quitting this Blog and Club Penguin

I’m going to be honest with you. This blog was a hobbie, and a fun thing for me to do before. Now, it’s more like a chore. I’m quitting this blog, Club Penguin, and Chewit’s Chatbox for some reasons, because it’s growing childish and boring, people are being mean to me, it’s lost it’s fun. I will be giving my penguin to someone which I have not decided yet. I will be working into a ‘life blog’ where I write about my life, what happened that day, and upload pictures of days out, snowy days, or whatever. This should all be happening by January 2008. There will be a new blog (posted on this blog) and this one will be given to somone else. I wish for you all to stay in contact with me, visit my new blog, continue to visit this one (it will be posted on by someone else and will still be abouc Club Penguin). I’ll miss writing on here. For Club Penguin, it’s embarresing to play on, if I told my real life friends they’d think I was mental. So I’m quitting now. I may still pop on occasionally 😉 . And for Chewit’s Chatbox, people are being mean to me and I don’t feel as accepted as I was before. I miss you all already, even though I havn’t quit yet, this is probably my last ever post. I will still be hanging out on Laki n Goo Mad’s forums, The Iceberg, Starbrite Forums, and other bits and bobs, remember my email if you wish to contact me. It’s also my msn address. I am getting a new good camera phone which will take good pictures for my new blog. I’m sorry to stop updating you about all this Club Penguin stuff, but oh well.
Mr Peckle.


20 Responses

  1. Oh Peckle please dont quit!!!!! your like my best friend online !!! 😦

  2. Umm what he said


  4. What about the ones who are inspired by you?!??!?!?!?!


  6. … He does have his reasons, and i’d be happy to take care of this site for you. 😀

  7. 😥
    This can’t be true…

  8. I’ll have my new blog, and be on MSN still.

  9. …………………………………………………………………………………………Well, I never said anything mean to you, so I don’t feel bad. Not to be rude, but if you didn’t curse as much and be nicer to people, then maybe people would be nice to you…

  10. Emtek, you did say somthing mean to me, so you should feel bad.
    You are being rude, and I don’t curse much. And I am nice to people.
    And people are nice to me.

  11. Completely agree with ya
    I couldn’t be bothred to make a long leaving post

  12. Lol, it’s not that long.

  13. I type too fast.

  14. Well, I don’t remember what I said mean to you, so I’m sorry if I did.

  15. Oh and, if you don’t curse at other people as much, why do you curse so much to me? Even ever since I first met you.

  16. Sorry, you just annoy me.
    But not anymore!
    It’s Christmas 😀

  17. Lol. Donkey??? Whatever 😆 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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