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ZoneXbox.com – The Ultimate Xbox Community

Wanna join with me again? Wanna be BEST FRIENDS?

Well sure, and you can talk about Xbox while you’re at it at the ultimate Xbox community.

Head over to http://zonexbox.com/ now!

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership

If like most, you’ve moved on from flash games to a more advanced console, for example the Xbox 360 — this may be of interest to you. This blog shows a method of obtaining Gold Membership for free. Check it out 🙂


New Clothing Catalog & Pin!

Sorry for not updating recently, I got a trojan so I was playing on my Xbox instead 😆

So here’s the pin. It’s pretty much just a safari hat:

5 June Pin









Clothing Catalog June ’09

Click the rock on the left of this page to get the canteen:

June 5 Cheat 1











Also, you can click on a thingy on the wall on this page to get the crystal staff:

June 5 Cheat 2











Pictures will be added for these later.

  • On the page with the knight and joker, click on the dragon’s shadow on the staircase to the left.
  • On the next page, click on the left coffee mug for the graduation hat.
  • Last but not least, on the clearence page with the girl penguin in the black dress, click where the two light beams join on the right hand side.


Hey, it’s Donkey. My Club Penguin name is Mr Peckle. If I have to say it again, I own this site.

I have decided to run it again. I don’t want it to start becoming what it was. One of those websites where people are hired and they then advertise other websites. Lunar, you were doing an alright job but I’d like to take charge now as I think I can make things better.

I will be commencing several changes from now, and start playing Club Penguin again briefly to post here.

Also, just thought I’d point out: I’m 1005 days old on Club Penguin! 😀


1005 days old
Stay tuned.
Mr Peckle

All of the Plants are Getting Unpacked!!

All of Rockhopper’s plants from his ship are getting unpacked!!! CRAZY! They are all going onto the Beach!! Check it out!

(Sorry for the bad pictures, my zoom is messed up 😡 rrrrr)

Plants Beach

His ship is less covered, I see a party coming :mrgreen:!

Migrator No that much Plants

I hope a party is coming!

-Tycoon 13